stairway to heaven

A Stairway to Heaven Opens

In 11 days, it will be the 13th day of the 1st month

Bringing in Mastery of the Goddess

Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene, Shekinah, Sophia

Sisters of the Mystic Rose

These unifying energies are accumulating now, strengthening in their sacredness

Elevating the Bliss and Returning the Magic

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golden light of the fourth wave

The Fourth Wave of Divine Union traverses the Earth plane and brings through the cosmic voice of Sacred Connection

Breathe through the undulating wave

Breathe through the undulating wave and allow it to pass through your auric field and into the the cells of the physical form you carry

For you are a vessel of Love

You are a vessel of Peace

Through your sacred voice you anchor in the cosmic tones of the anointed ones, the emboldened ones, the divine ones

Through your voice you anchor in the codes of divine truth

You bring through in these sacred moments the truth of all beings, the truth of Oneness and the truth of Unity consciousness

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new dawn rising

The Cosmic realms are highly active with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal and building of the September energies. The annual Lion’s Gate peaks on 8/8 and is activated by the Sun’s movement into Leo and the rising of the star Sirius at sunrise, aligning the new solar rays with the Sirius system and heralding what can be felt as a new dawn.

The portal began for me this year with a divine sensation of the rising of the wings on 16/7. 160716 carries the numerology of the mystical 777, resonating with spiritual enlightenment and advancement through the utilization of intuition and wisdom. An acknowledgement of divine guidance through the expression of our own unique gifts and talents in the highest possible way.

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winter solstice

We are currently under the rays of the Full Moon and Winter Solstice, or Summer Solstice if you’re in the northern hemisphere, and it comes with the energy of sweeping change.

The Solstice is a turning point of sorts, where the pendulum of life over the last 6 months reaches its peak and begins to swing in a new direction. What was occurring last Nov/Dec is now reaching a point of transformation and depending on our own circumstances can elevate our path onto a significant new level or whole new outlook.

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living in parallel

As we embody these inflowing waves of Light, they are bringing with them the sense of being in 2 places at once. Of being here, while being there, of tapping into a parallel stream of existence being created simultaneously to the evolution of this one.

My sense is that with so much of what has been evolving now moving into the peripheral of our perceptions, time is nearing when these 2 realms will merge.

What this is instilling in us, is faith, trust and patience that all is moving as it should be. With the intensity of this entire year, the massive openings, epic shifts and huge releases, we are indeed moving into the unified power of our own selves, preparing for the eminent arrival of the brilliance that comes through owning our soul power, our worth, our value, our gifts and abilities.

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spirit wings

Understanding who we are as a soul energy can sometimes be a life long work. Other times, it appears in an instant. In those calm, unsuspecting moments when a word, phrase or image emerges and a complete picture of all the fragments of truth suddenly falls together.

Right now we are being transformed from the inside out and these nuggets of truth are gelling faster than ever before. We are being given so much right now and the more we accept, the more we acknowledge, the more that pours in.

Each fragment is like a stepping stone to a grander truth. A link to a higher resonance of wisdom that has been waiting for the perfect moment to manifest. That moment is now. The treasure chest has opened and our spirit wings are growing.

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moving past march

The last few weeks have taken us inward to the depths of our own personal development which has been both illuminating and challenging but not so good for outward expression. Personally it has felt like I have spent half of March asleep.

Now we have learnt that March brought through the highest frequencies of light that have ever entered the Earth’s sphere with the combined portals of the Super New Moon Eclipse, the Equinox, 2 comets that passed by Earth on 21 and 22 March, the Full Moon Eclipse and the rebirth energies over the Easter weekend.

According to Patricia Cota-Robles, these unprecedented waves of light are lifting the game even higher by sealing in the higher codes so that ‘never again will any particle of life on this planet be able to sink down to the discordant energies that existed prior.’

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activating our bodies

Everything is changing around us. On a daily basis the New Earth frequencies can be felt intensifying through the energy we carry in our bodies. After the trajectory through Oct – Dec last year, we have moved into a completely new space in these early weeks of 2016 and it now feels as if we are operating from whole new platform.

To honour this process, we must also operate from a new space within ourselves. That is the purpose of Ascension. We are shaking off false realities. Anything that cloaked our Light and connection to the purity of our Eternal Self is falling away.

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