all about abundance

With the Full Moon illuminating the energies of August, the story is all about Abundance. We have everything to assist us with purifying, energizing and amplifying our understanding and acceptance of what it means to return to our natural state as abundant beings.

It is often said, Abundance is Your Natural Birthright, and yet that statement can feel empty to someone not experiencing abundance. When you are outside the abundance circle and surrounded by struggle and hardship, it can be hard to see or believe in the possibility of a natural flow of universal blessings.

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holding the key

sriyantraWhen you hear the phrase, Ask and it is Given, there are many scenarios that spring into mind.

Ego says, Yes, please bring me what I need now. I’ve been waiting so long. Spirit says, Hold on, have you aligned to the vibration that allows you to see what is being given to you.

The conscious mind then falls into confusion because it can only process what is physically visible or at least tangible to the experience we have in this earthly plane. But at a deeper level, the body is already connecting with what it needs to nudge you in the right direction of experiencing the joy of finding whatever it is you are looking for.

We then come to a decision. We have free will to do as we please so we can either quieten our minds and tune into the signals being sent by our intuition or we can stomp all over the process by forcing our control on how we think events should unfold.

Both methods achieve results, the latter though, tends to involve considerable effort, hard work and most likely some level of frustration and struggle.

The more peaceful approach is something that is creeping up on me. With these transformative energies flooding in, we have more access to our spiritual partners than ever before. The communication lines are open and the messages, it seems, are flowing in.

I’ve become attuned to recognizing messages from my own Guides and have two parallel themes being ignited by ongoing and repetitive signs in recent weeks. One of them I’m already familiar with as it was something that revealed itself to me several years ago and I’m feeling it’s ready to move to another level.

The other one though, is new. This one is intriguing me more as I sense it could be the actual key to unlocking a whole set of unknowns occurring in my life. Things I can’t seem to control no matter how much effort I apply.

But it is not with Ego that this connection can be developed, it is only through the Superconscious mind, or a deep meditative state that I could begin to get anywhere near exploring it. I don’t even really know what to do but as synchronicity would have it, links to articles, radio shows and those who already have knowledge are randomly falling in my inbox to help me along.

Self Direction has always been a strong element in my spiritual journeying. Most of the big things just happen without me realizing and it’s not until I gain the knowledge afterwards that I begin to understand the truth of what’s been happening.

This process teaches me that we hold our own keys to unlocking the secrets of life.

We all have intuition, we all have Spirit Guides and we all have the ability to clear and purify our bodies to heighten the connection between the two. What we do with these abilities is up to us but stepping up to the challenge to explore the metaphysical is so rewarding right now. Exhilarating even, in knowing that with every step we take, we are bringing ourselves into alignment with the energy that breaks down invisible barriers and expands our consciousness into the vastness of All That Is, enabling us to see what has always been there but previously hidden to our understanding.



a new moon or two

CrescentMoonGoddessWith the buzz of new beginnings flowing in through the New Year, there is no better time than over the next 4 weeks to consciously visualize what these new beginnings may look and feel like as we have not 1 but 2 New Moons coming up in the creative sign of Aquarius.

To me, these new moons are feeling like a big reset button. But it is a button that is pressed down tomorrow and not released until the later part of February.

These 2 New Moons form a powerful bookend to our journey through Aquarius with the first occurring at the potent 0 degree tomorrow and the second occurring at the end of the sign at 29 degrees on 19 Feb. But between these 2 lunations we also have the passage of our first Mercury Retrograde period for the year, with Mercury travelling from 17 degrees Aquarius back to 1 degree, before it begins to move forward again on 11 Feb.

That says we have a huge opportunity to implement our grand new beginnings but first we must engage in the retrospective energy of the retrograde by either reviewing and releasing any blocks we still might have in the area we wish to move forward in, looking back to the past in order to help find our way forward or even reconnecting with people gone by who may offer help, wisdom or even resolution before we are free to move on.

Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, the free-thinking visionary, so wherever it falls in our chart, this is the area where we can apply our creative and unique ways to envision our highest way forward.

We have time, 3 weeks of retrograde time, to get the details right and with Mars also passing over Neptune this week, we have all the support we need to put action into our dreams or, as the conscious creators like to say, to dream our desired existence into being.

faith, fish and more signs

Salmon Fishing In The YemenLast December, I wrote the following post about breaking free and following our natural instincts of moving towards a Soulful path. After watching the film again this week, these words came back to me and ironically, a year later, they are still relevant…

With the new year fast approaching, the energy of the cross-over is building. There is change in the air as pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place. It is the newness of what lies ahead in physical time as well as the ability to see more of the bigger picture of our own path that helps create this lightness and after the challenging year we’ve encountered, it’s a very welcome feeling.

These past 10 days have delivered the surprise of unexpected opportunities and ideas arising out of the blue. It’s been very Pluto-Uranus but with Mars also in the action there’s a very strong chance these surprising events are actually pushing us in the right direction.

For me personally, this year has felt like a year of trying to make the impossible, possible. Of trying to create a major life change out of nothing. Of wanting to delve deeper into Soulful living but falling into a forward/backward quickstep of letting go and healing the past. It was beginning to feel like something with very poor odds of success but something within me kept pushing me to persist with what was put in front of me. Each week, sometimes each day, I would continue with what was arising until I reached a breakthrough in November then another in early December.

In that week I watched the quirky English film, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I knew nothing of the film but it made me laugh when I realized it was about a man changing his life direction by making the impossible, possible. Messages from our Spirit Guides can come in many ways, from repeated messages, signs, songs and it seems, even movies. The words in this film felt written for me as they spoke of persisting with something for hours because you hold faith in the outcome, of turning your back on a pedestrian life in order to be where you belong and of knowing you will be given the right answers in the right time.

The film speaks of patience, tolerance and humility as key values and of life rewarding the faith and constancy of your efforts with what it is you are desiring. A film about fishing in the desert has provided a surprising backdrop to this cross-over energy with its emphasis on the importance of staying strong in our core beliefs and of knowing that what feels right for us is right for us. When our faith dwindles our vision becomes clouded by doubt but out in the wilderness of life it is clear where we belong. We belong where our Heart is. We may have to take a different approach to get there and with the energy now opening up, we are being encouraged to be wise in our chosen steps and enrich our resources, not deplete them.

This was a film not about fish but about swimming against the tide. Of breaking free of the currents and following natural instinct and guidance to reach our dreams. It is a message of what can be achieved when we hold the strength of faith in our Hearts and the message I’m carrying over to the new year. Let the freedom begin.

opening our hearts

heartenergyOver the past few weeks I’ve been sensing something was changing in the energies, that our forward movement had either taken another unannounced detour or even stalled for yet another hiatus as it sometimes does and as synchronicity would have it, I just came across an article on exactly that.

These past weeks have sent us sinking back into the intensity of clearing, cleansing, squeezing and pushing out the negativity or at least facing up to the residue of stuff we’d thought we’d dealt with months ago. It is a cycle we are getting familiar with and yet for the weary it is a process that still leaves us washed out, tired and depleted. It seems there is always something murky at the bottom of the abyss to be dredged up into the Light.

Nevertheless, cleaning the pond does allow the water to sparkle and with the encouragement of some significant astrological movements this week, we might just find ourselves liberated from the shackles of the old and bouncing back into those radiant feelings of the new.

We were on course for our new beginnings earlier in the year, and for some, including myself, certain manifestations did appear but as we look back we can also see that a few months into the year something was beginning to change. I began to sense this in my own circumstances around April but it’s taken a couple of months to fully understand the what’s and why’s.

As it turns out, Karen Bishop has beautifully explained that we did in fact experience another ‘crash’ in this long and arduous journey and that in the broader perspective, what we manifested earlier in the year was not sustainable as it was not built with the right connections. So again, we find ourselves on yet another new course. A course that is directed by the Higher Energies but which we still remain an intrinsic part.

So over these past weeks and months, we have in some ways been experiencing a shift from one path onto another which will hopefully have more success of sticking and actualizing into solid foundations for these long desired new existences. But we all know by now that nothing is ever certain in this journey and that fear has no place in our baggage. Typically, it is the fear that holds us back.

The way forward is through the Heart. This is not new information and yet it still seems the elusive element in our journey. Open Hearts Clear Paths.

So it would seem it really is time to dismantle our mental command centres and fully drop into the energy of Love, to really sink into the deep trust that our Hearts will guide us forward. Seeing the world through the eyes of the Heart brings new levels of sensory perception to our awareness. It is an intoxicatingly, joyous existence but can we sustain it?

It seems it is more that this is what will sustain us.


For more information see  www.gamabooks

colours of change

buddhaWe’ve embraced the energy of the Equinox. We’ve set our intentions with the bold Aries New Moon. We’ve moved through the Lunar Eclipse into the depths of the Grand Cardinal Cross and now in this transformative month we’re being led into the energies of the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse. The closure of the eclipse portal brings an opening for new beginnings. A release into new life and into what feels strangely unfamiliar. The surge in Light this month is propelling us forward, onward and upward into our highest energies but it is also encouraging us to embrace this new life with blinded trust. These are new times, requiring new ways of being and as we move from a mind-based existence to Heart-centred living, we have less control on what happens and when. It is nearly impossible to make plans, to prepare for the weeks ahead in the orderly ways of the past. The days now come together in ways beyond our control and if we try to peer too far ahead the vagueness makes it near impossible to imagine. Things are occurring in the moment now, with each of us taking our one step at a time to deal with what’s needed on this long road of shaking off the old to create space for the new. It is a wake up call for some, with unexpected upheaval occurring for many but it’s all part of moving into the New Earth and connecting to a higher way of being. As we embrace, integrate and expand with the ebb and flow, we are touching the new more and more and the Light in our bodies is ever increasing. Some days we can sense it. We can feel it. We can see it as we find new courage to step out of our comfort zones and do things we might not have done before. Whether it be acting on our inner guidance, taking a step toward long held dreams, allowing comforts into our daily life or just doing something for the sheer joy it brings. Each day is about being true to our own Hearts and kind to our own desires. Embracing the fullness of living an authentic life enlivened with the colourful energy of spirit. At its height, it is exhilarated expansion. The energy of Love fills each of the cells of our body and lifts us to heightened sensations. This is being in the flow of all we desire. Everything can be felt swirling around at arm’s reach, circulating within our fields ready for the signal to manifest. And when it does it is pure delight. The new energy transforms the smallest of pleasures into pure delight. In these moments we can feel our reality change as our energy lifts and we feel our energy change as our reality shifts. It is a transformation, an opening. Blossoming into the exalted colours of the new world. These are the moments to be treasured and the moments to be remembered for this will become our new normal. This is the way of the new.


zenThere is a lull in the energies from where I sit, as if the momentum of our forward movement has dropped out again. We have been positioned in our new places and even though we are physically here it feels as if we are still floating in transit. While we wait for more of what is around us to unfold, we are surrounded with a quietness and stillness. There is an inner peace rising up craving simplicity. This inner feeling suggests this simplicity will lead the way forward even when we don’t know where that is yet and although we are feeling the question of ‘now what?’, we are unable to force anything to happen. We can’t tolerate anything complicated or chaotic, limiting or restricting and so must honour our feelings and stay as light as the breeze. There is support in all that we do that is aligned with our Soul purpose and I find myself regularly calling in for help and assistance, and gaining great pleasure from witnessing the smallest of miracles and other gifts appearing one after the other. If we use our bodies as guidance we soon recognize what is right for us and what is wrong and by following these intuitive senses, remaining clear and calm in our minds and focused in our vision, it is through simplicity that we open up to new possibilities rather than falling back into old ways. We couldn’t anyway. It would feel intolerable. We are in new spaces now. New energy. New life. New purpose. All circling around us and waiting for the moment to align and integrate with all that we are. Calmness is the key. Simplicity is the door. Peaceful patience is what takes us through.