the untethering – part 2

Imagine being free from all aspects of the past, floating in the space of Alchemy.         True Freedom is not something we are used to. Having lived with so many restrictions and limitations on our lives, we have been tethered to anchors of illusion while forgetting our innate ability as Creator Beings. But here in the rays of this new energy, we are awakening to the truth beyond the illusion and standing at the threshold of a world bathed in pristine Divine Light.

With that transition comes immense challenges and changes as all parts of our biological and physical systems are essentially rebooted into another format. We are being transformed from the inside out and anywhere we hold aspects of old density is being brought to the surface for our acknowledgement and action for the substance held in these old ways does not sit well in the resonance of the new.

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the untethering – part 1

The immense power of the March Equinox sent us deeper into the sacred waters of our soul, encouraging us to open our Hearts to the full depths of our being.

There is much to gain in getting intimate with our hidden selves and this year, in some ways, we can no longer avoid it. As the luminosity of the Light increases, there is nowhere to hide. Everything can be seen. Everything is coming out into the open. Nothing is invisible anymore and in realizing there was nothing to fear in the first place, we take the first steps towards reunion with our Sacred Hearts.

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everything is inside you

When I look back over the path my life has taken, this month brings a significant milestone in that it is 10 years since the beginning of the unraveling. It has been a wild ride of ups and downs, of numerous geographical relocations and many forced changes in every possible way. It has been a decade of being broken, of being healed and of searching, learning and connecting. It has been a decade of finding my own truth and reconnecting to my inner creative voice.

Back when I was first becoming conscious of spiritual awareness, I remember a psychic acquaintance offering me guidance something like, “I have nothing to tell you as you already have everything inside you”. Continue reading

transfiguration and renewal

The flame of transfiguration, of renewal and rebirth, is burning brightly. Emanating from the central core, it is a transformation of worlds from the inside out. The flow of divine connection is gathering momentum as the magnitude of this shift now gathers pace.

We have moved into a new realm of magnetics, a realm of intense and vivid presence I can barely remember life prior to it. But it wasn’t really life as life was intended. Now I see it was more of life under a spell.

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dynamic change

There is a dynamic push coming through the Solstice energy activating deep change to align our path with our dreams.

This is not the dream we think we can have or the one that might be more realistic. Not the thinned out, diluted one and definitely not the one that seems more practical. It is the wild and raw vision we have kept deep inside ourselves, the grand dream we might have even given up on.

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