If 2017 is a one year, a Year of New Beginnings, then it has been a year of preparation for that beginning. A year of transitioning from one phase to the next.   A year of slowing down and coming into a long drawn out pause while everything catches up with itself, gets in the same space, on the same level, in wholeness and completeness. It is only in wholeness and completeness, that we shift in a unified way into what lies in waiting.

This year has been a leveling ground. It has created great rifts in relationships, in ideologies and beliefs, illuminating all that is wrong with the world and all that is twisted and distorted in the minds of humanity. But in being confronted with the dark and unpleasant, the frustrating and displeasing, we are being shown exactly what we want in our lives and what we have to let go of to get it.

Change can only come through doing things differently and the ability to separate ourselves from what we have always done by rising above the safe and familiar and into the vastness of the unknown is key. Transformation lies in the Fire, not in the safety of our comfort zones.

But the Fire is not something to be feared. Fear can distort the purest of intentions andmuse prevent clarity from emerging. It can be the invisible barrier to the highest outcomes. It can be the barrier to any outcome.

When the fear is gone and the letting go is done, we feel it as a leveling out. The great space where divisiveness is diminished and everything settles, where the purified energy gathers momentum in its newly formed coherence of wholeness and completeness.

This is the sensation building now. The pause of the past few months was the sensation of awaiting the new, the next phase, the next level. All is looming and it will come through where we have most yearned for. Those of our most heartfelt, deepest desires our Higher Being has been pulling us towards. The words are,

What is it that lies at the Heart of all Desire?

What is it that creates Tears of Joy?

What is it that elevates us into the Light of Love?

This is the focus of Now. The Now moment is Eternal and the new Now is here.

The new Now is free from the what plagued us in the old.

The new Now is open to clear channels of creative expression.

The new Now is aligned with ease and grace, calm and gratitude.

Freedom of the Highest Order.

We can see, feel and recognize it taking place. We see it for all that it is. We know it for all it entails.

It is personal to us and our own journey and yet we all share the experience of the graciousness that comes through the uplevelling.

In wholeness and completeness, this time is ours.


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