everything is inside you

When I look back over the path my life has taken, this month brings a significant milestone in that it is 10 years since the beginning of the unraveling. It has been a wild ride of ups and downs, of numerous geographical relocations and many forced changes in every possible way. It has been a decade of being broken, of being healed and of searching, learning and connecting. It has been a decade of finding my own truth and reconnecting to my inner creative voice.

Back when I was first becoming conscious of spiritual awareness, I remember a psychic acquaintance offering me guidance something like, “I have nothing to tell you as you already have everything inside you”.

At the time, I was desperate for outside help as I hadn’t found my own intuitivebuddhaknowing connection. My external life was a mess and the internal pathways were so clogged up in fogginess, there was no clarity within and so the guidance didn’t seem very helpful. In fact, I remember being mad and disappointed that she didn’t offer any help.

But as life would have it, my external life was so limited in resources and opportunities, in the end I was forced to go within to find solutions. It was the path that has led me to understanding, so many years later, what that acquaintance meant by her comments. It is like the old saying,

Give the fisherman a fish and he will have food for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will have food for life.

We are born Divine Beings with everything already inside ourselves. Each one of us has access to our own intuitive guidance and the expanded wisdom of our spirit teams and divine partners. We are wired up for communication and yet for most of us it is what happens within the first 7 years of life that determines how strong that signal remains.

In my circumstance, my intuitive connections were so heavily cloaked in self doubt, it took months of daily meditation to begin to make any noticeable changes. When it did begin to peak through, it sustained me with so much joy, I committed myself to going deeper and deeper. It became my life’s goal and has rewarded me with significant breakthroughs all generated through my own feelings and knowings.

I can never know what that psychic acquaintance saw in my energy field but I do know that external help has its place in facilitating movement in our perceptions that can help generate shifts in our internal awareness and understanding that may not have otherwise eventuated. At least, not in that way at that time.

Even now, I am often triggered by a word, a sentence or an image that leads me down a path of investigation I may not have been aware of earlier. And when I have turned to others for additional healing or advice, their energetic input has been beneficial in helping uncover parts of my psyche that were shielded by my own subconscious patterning.

But life is forever changing and we are being showered with benevolence to help open and expand our intuitive gifts. These portals of heightened energy, as now streaming through the Lion’s Gate, generate intuitive flow with ease and grace and allow our hearts and minds to see that the knowledge and wisdom we seek truly is available to us.

As we honour and embrace these gifts, we expand our perceptions of what is possible. We expand our beliefs of what is truth and we expand our knowing of what we are capable of. When we activate our internal channels, we activate the communication links we were born with and this is where we find our true power.

Everything is already inside us. It is up to us to let go of the strands of separation and believe in the strength of connection. It is up to us to believe in the power held within.




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