everything is inside you

When I look back over the path my life has taken, this month brings a significant milestone in that it is 10 years since the beginning of the unraveling. It has been a wild ride of ups and downs, of numerous geographical relocations and many forced changes in every possible way. It has been a decade of being broken, of being healed and of searching, learning and connecting. It has been a decade of finding my own truth and reconnecting to my inner creative voice.

Back when I was first becoming conscious of spiritual awareness, I remember a psychic acquaintance offering me guidance something like, “I have nothing to tell you as you already have everything inside you”. Continue reading


an invitation

There is a huge wave of creativity wanting to come into being, to be expressed and manifested into action, form and motion.

It is a quickening and I invite in this acceleration of timelines so the future path comes forward now, intersecting with the current life post here in this very moment.

I invite in the highest codes of healing I can embody and allow them to move through me in the highest possible way.

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opening our hearts

heartenergyOver the past few weeks I’ve been sensing something was changing in the energies, that our forward movement had either taken another unannounced detour or even stalled for yet another hiatus as it sometimes does and as synchronicity would have it, I just came across an article on exactly that.

These past weeks have sent us sinking back into the intensity of clearing, cleansing, squeezing and pushing out the negativity or at least facing up to the residue of stuff we’d thought we’d dealt with months ago. It is a cycle we are getting familiar with and yet for the weary it is a process that still leaves us washed out, tired and depleted. It seems there is always something murky at the bottom of the abyss to be dredged up into the Light.

Nevertheless, cleaning the pond does allow the water to sparkle and with the encouragement of some significant astrological movements this week, we might just find ourselves liberated from the shackles of the old and bouncing back into those radiant feelings of the new.

We were on course for our new beginnings earlier in the year, and for some, including myself, certain manifestations did appear but as we look back we can also see that a few months into the year something was beginning to change. I began to sense this in my own circumstances around April but it’s taken a couple of months to fully understand the what’s and why’s.

As it turns out, Karen Bishop has beautifully explained that we did in fact experience another ‘crash’ in this long and arduous journey and that in the broader perspective, what we manifested earlier in the year was not sustainable as it was not built with the right connections. So again, we find ourselves on yet another new course. A course that is directed by the Higher Energies but which we still remain an intrinsic part.

So over these past weeks and months, we have in some ways been experiencing a shift from one path onto another which will hopefully have more success of sticking and actualizing into solid foundations for these long desired new existences. But we all know by now that nothing is ever certain in this journey and that fear has no place in our baggage. Typically, it is the fear that holds us back.

The way forward is through the Heart. This is not new information and yet it still seems the elusive element in our journey. Open Hearts Clear Paths.

So it would seem it really is time to dismantle our mental command centres and fully drop into the energy of Love, to really sink into the deep trust that our Hearts will guide us forward. Seeing the world through the eyes of the Heart brings new levels of sensory perception to our awareness. It is an intoxicatingly, joyous existence but can we sustain it?

It seems it is more that this is what will sustain us.


For more information see  www.gamabooks


zenThere is a lull in the energies from where I sit, as if the momentum of our forward movement has dropped out again. We have been positioned in our new places and even though we are physically here it feels as if we are still floating in transit. While we wait for more of what is around us to unfold, we are surrounded with a quietness and stillness. There is an inner peace rising up craving simplicity. This inner feeling suggests this simplicity will lead the way forward even when we don’t know where that is yet and although we are feeling the question of ‘now what?’, we are unable to force anything to happen. We can’t tolerate anything complicated or chaotic, limiting or restricting and so must honour our feelings and stay as light as the breeze. There is support in all that we do that is aligned with our Soul purpose and I find myself regularly calling in for help and assistance, and gaining great pleasure from witnessing the smallest of miracles and other gifts appearing one after the other. If we use our bodies as guidance we soon recognize what is right for us and what is wrong and by following these intuitive senses, remaining clear and calm in our minds and focused in our vision, it is through simplicity that we open up to new possibilities rather than falling back into old ways. We couldn’t anyway. It would feel intolerable. We are in new spaces now. New energy. New life. New purpose. All circling around us and waiting for the moment to align and integrate with all that we are. Calmness is the key. Simplicity is the door. Peaceful patience is what takes us through.

manifesting miracles

spiritual lightWhenever I have sat down to write this year I get half way and walk away. It seems what was relevant yesterday is no longer needed today and I find myself being drawn elsewhere to enjoy the gentleness within this new energy. It is a welcome feeling and yet it is also encouraging action to pare back and initiate change at a personal level. With everything coming to a standstill last year, my own situation was anything less than gentle but knowing it was a test of faith, belief and patience, I immersed myself into a period of deep healing and focussed manifestation using a combination of meditation, visualisation, affirmations, Pray Rain journaling and ThetaHealing techniques to help bring forward the whole-life change I knew was on the horizon. It’s commonly said that all comes with Divine Timing and over these past weeks I’ve watched as each step to moving closer to this new life has been delivered to me in an easy and effortless way and in 3 weeks time, I will now be following my dream and relocating 1500kms north to Northern NSW. This experience of deliberate manifestation has been enlightening. As I continued asking for help and assistance from the higher realms in my meditations, I came to realize our existence here is akin to walking around with invisible strings. We have Free Will so there is always the choice to either recognize and work with the strings or ignore them. But the source above the strings, which are really Cosmic Light rays, are a benevolent energy that only have our best interests at heart. They want us to have the greatest joys from this experience of being inside this human body and yet it can be hard for us to find the strings when we’ve ignored them for so long. We might struggle at first, even receive mixed messages, maybe experience a little confusion or even doubt that we’ve even found them but with perseverance and faith, it will come. Information is always flowing through these invisible strings, it’s just a matter of tuning into the right vibration to receive it. And when we do, the world opens up to a whole new level. The irony is that freedom in living comes when we allow these Cosmic strings to guide us along our life path as the source above the strings has the higher vantage point of being able to see the bigger picture that’s all around us and therefore, the ability to guide us down the appropriate paths towards whatever it is we are seeking. If we loosen the control on our life’s direction, eliminate the fear and limitations we subconsciously create and allow the strings to use their gentle nudging to direct us, we can be guaranteed an outcome that not only fulfils our dreams but exceeds it. This is the way we were intended to experience life and how we can truly shift our experience as co-creators of a life of our dreams. Miracles aren’t always miracles as such. Sometimes they do arrive out of the blue and other times we create them simply by changing our beliefs to embrace something we previously thought was impossible. It’s what happens when we clear enough debris from our energy to vibrationally click into place and align with the power of creation that flows through our invisible Cosmic strings.

feel the music

chakrasMusic can do many things to the body but for me there is nothing more beautiful than feeling it float through the essence of your being. Music can be many things, from the simplicity of an acoustic guitar to the rhythmic pulses of electronic beats and lush soundscapes of full orchestras, I can listen to anything and everything providing it comes from a place of positive creativity. Music can be thought of as the flow of many individual sounds, with each variation of sound creating a vibration that travels as a sound wave. As these sound waves reach our bodies, they enter our energy fields through the 7 main chakras, or energy centres, which in turn exist within a harmonic of frequencies starting at the lower 256Hz of the Root Chakra through to the higher 480Hz at the Crown Chakra. Striking a Quartz Crystal or Tibetan healing bowl is the simplest way of touching each chakra as these healing tools are formed to match the frequency of the chakras and will provide direct resonance to clear blockages or restore imbalances. So when we tune into the energy of our bodies and feel music rather than just listen, we are able to isolate the sounds and become aware that we are actually feeling the bass notes through the Root Chakra, the higher notes through the Crown Chakra and everything else in between. Barbara Hand Clow explains that sound emanates from the 7th Dimension, the realm of vibrational resonance, in the context of 8D being the realm of Light, 7D being the realm of resonance, 6D being the realm of geometry, 5D being the realm of love, 4D being the realm of the collective and 3D being the realm of space-time. In this sense, light creates sound which creates structure which creates form. Sound is pure and as everything within our Universe exists as vibration, the energy set within the harmonics of sound is also transferrable so when a musician is connected to Source energy, as is often the case during the creation of spiritual or meditation music, and particularly so with a singer using voice as their own personal expression, that energy will transfer to the listener. This is why we are so easily uplifted and inspired by beautifully crafted music and feel light, clear and elated after experiencing the more direct affects of sound healing work or sound meditations. But whatever the style of music, when it resonates with the harmonic frequencies we naturally hold, it can change us on a much deeper level, prompting emotional responses relative to the chakra centres being touched and in the process, offering healing to the body in one of the most enjoyable ways.

be inspired – part 3

12throadbeinspiredI have a dream that I’ve held close to my heart for many years. It is a dream of a way of life and it has always been centred around the building of my own house. The image of this building has come to me through various meditations and is based on the principles of sacred geometry and would function as a home, design studio, healing space and gathering place. I’ve always felt this building would be the centre of my life, that it would emanate an energy of wholeness and connectedness and through the light, textures and materials, it would be open and welcoming to all who walked through its doors. Although I’ve continuously been tinkering with the design details of how these spaces might fit together, it was becoming difficult to understand how I would ever find the right piece of land that fits with the concept within the area where I’m currently living. But through the revolutionary energy that’s come through these past few months, I’ve suddenly been given a whole new perspective on this project as I’ve come to realize the land is not meant to be found where I am but I am to move to the land. This realization recently took me on a journey to the lush landscapes of northern NSW, an area filled with rolling green hills that originally inspired me many years ago. I often write of there being no coincidences in life and returning to the small country town that took a piece of my heart all those years ago I feel a sense of connection that’s telling me that something is looming near. These lush mountain valleys have always felt like heartland country to me and when I saw this sign above a local store, I had to smile at the synchronicity. A clear message to me saying keep believing in your deepest dreams for this is the energy that will carry them forward.

the moon of revelations

arcdetriompheFive years ago I discovered I am on a life journey with a road map of 12 roads. For whatever reason my Soul chose a life of 12 different roads I’m not sure but it’s my blueprint and nothing can change that path. I might delay the journey or take a side excursion here and there but eventually Cosmic forces shunt me back on track to continue down the roads set out for me. I’ve never known where or when these roads will appear and it’s been exhausting at times trying to keep up with them but I’ve known for several years that I had reached the 11th and therefore, the 12th road was looming somewhere near. This year, the Year of Full Moons, as Kryon aptly names it, has been intense with continuous floods of Light shaking up stagnant energy and through deepening meditations I’ve been guided to take solo journeys to different locations at each Full Moon to hold and anchor the energy coming in. At first I was unsure of how to interact with these sites but in each location, with only my intuition as a guide, I experienced a transformative healing or Cosmic opening that’s further awakened my connection to Source energy. On this recent Blue Moon, I was in the Blue Mountains, a joke I thought at first, but while sitting in Sydney Airport waiting for my return flight, a wave of energy went through me that released an emotional flow of personal revelations. I had a moment like in the movies, where I withdrew into total stillness while the busy airport whirled around me and it suddenly became clear my 12th road was calling. It was like the veil had finally been lifted, bringing a strong sense of clarity that everything I’ve been through over the past 25 years or so has provided me with the richness of experience needed to navigate this 12th road. The power of the Lion’s Gate stargate opening has been immense and this new energy is being triggered again this weekend with yet another influx of new Light coming our way to further anchor us into these new spaces. I’m still getting visions of a roaring Lion inviting me through that open doorway and with it are imprints of international sites that speak to me in sacred ways. I have always believed openings can occur when we allow ourselves to surrender to the unknown and these Full Moon journeys have shown me we are all unique energies who have come here for unique reasons. There is something to be said for Divine timing and it feels like the time has now come. Under the lingering rays of this unique Blue Moon we are being gifted a loving hand direct from the Cosmic Heart to help find the road that leads to our Soul purpose. Signposts can appear anywhere so why not in the middle of a busy airport. It seems right for a message that sacred journeys and mystical places will form an enriching part of my long awaited 12th road.