an invitation

There is a huge wave of creativity wanting to come into being, to be expressed and manifested into action, form and motion.

It is a quickening and I invite in this acceleration of timelines so the future path comes forward now, intersecting with the current life post here in this very moment.

I invite in the highest codes of healing I can embody and allow them to move through me in the highest possible way.

divinelightTo bring through the message of the Divine Ones who wish to bestow on me all the wisdom and knowledge available to me. Who are here by my side, all around me and within me, guiding me through this transition, this transcending of all I’ve ever known and all I’ve ever been.

This merging of moments happens here and now, in this space of higher knowing, higher being.

This space of creation that is activated through the divine principles of love, unity and oneness. This space that is magnified through heart expansion that ripples out over the entire world around us.

In this space, I invite in my true soul essence, my divine team, and open my arms to their guidance, direction and assistance for the graceful and immediate manifestation of all that is needed to transform this physical existence into alignment with my divine mission.

I code these words with the added energy of empowerment to unify this body and all its systems into a reflection of my divine blueprint, the original cellular configuration of perfection and power of my I Am.

In this moment I hold the intention of activating the I Am.

In this moment I hold the intention of embodying the I Am.

In this moment I hold the intention of being the I Am.

In all the gloriousness of the Angelic realms, the truth behind what is known to me, I Am here, as one to heal and share the knowledge.

I Am One that can read the realms of Light and reach into the wisdom of the past. Bringing forth the ancient wisdom of the temples of healing, the Twelve Columns of Light, that through the energy of the circle are never ending.

Through the Angelic Ones that carry the wave of creation, the breath of life that fills all existence, I breathe into this moment and open the gates to the All That Is.

All is within me.

All is me.

And So It Is.




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