mmThank you for visiting The 12th Road. My name is Mandy Matthews and I am an intuitive writer and channel based in North Queensland, Australia.

Having woven my own path of divine awakening since a kundalini awakening in 2010, my intuition has guided me through many sacred openings leading to opening my channel in 2012 and being called to the Akashic Realm in 2015. As this connection deepened, many other pathways also opened up leading me across the Rainbow Bridge and into the golden thread of the Rishi Consciousness in the Diamond Light and Platinum Rays of 2018.

There are infinite ways a Soul can be reunited with the greater purpose of their higher gifts and for me it is through a Living Library of Light.Β This is a place of higher learning, protected and guarded by the Masters and available to us for the higher purposes of unravelling the distortions and restoring life to its original perfection.

Living begins here. This is the new story to be written. The new story to come out. It doesn’t matter who I was before or what I did to get here. It only matters that I Am here and willing to be open to a stronger connection to All That Is here. I Am willing to be immersed in the energy of the Masters, to be transformed by and through that transformation, be a teacher of Mastery.

It is here in this space that a new wave is unfolding. A new sound is unravelling and it is coming through the Light of the Great Wisdom Keepers. It is here at this threshold that they are beckoning us to come forward to learn and understand the divine codings that enlighten the path we are on.


While the posts published on this blog may be shared by others, I ask that the work be honoured and respected by always including reference back to the original sourceΒ of The 12th Road with all words intact and unaltered.

20 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. This is a beautiful blog. I feel the truth in your words and look forward to connecting and reading your thoughts.

  2. Hi Mandy, I’ve just come across your work and feel very grateful as you’ve validated a lot of what I’m experiencing which can be quite literally lonely in my environment. I’m really struggling with the trauma in the world especially with the disappearance of so
    many Syrian refugee children and there seems to be hardly any press about it- yet if that number of children were taken from one of our schools it would be worldwide news. I feel this is where my path is taking me- how I do not know, but thank you xxxx

    1. Thank you for connecting. In my experience, the loneliness was more a deep longing for the lost soul connection than anything physical. Now I seek out solitude as I know this is where true soul nourishment comes from. This helps restore balance too especially with the stark realities we are now confronted with πŸ™‚

  3. Well, Dear Friend,

    Here we are in 2017. For me time just flipped from February 28 to March 1. In Alaska it is now 12:37 am. I listened to your YouTube video at 11:58 pm and before the stroke of midnight, I landed at your website, the 12th Road. I plan to play in sweet dreams until we wake. From your account, it won’t be long now.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts.


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