the untethering – part 2

Imagine being free from all aspects of the past, floating in the space of Alchemy.         True Freedom is not something we are used to. Having lived with so many restrictions and limitations on our lives, we have been tethered to anchors of illusion while forgetting our innate ability as Creator Beings. But here in the rays of this new energy, we are awakening to the truth beyond the illusion and standing at the threshold of a world bathed in pristine Divine Light.

With that transition comes immense challenges and changes as all parts of our biological and physical systems are essentially rebooted into another format. We are being transformed from the inside out and anywhere we hold aspects of old density is being brought to the surface for our acknowledgement and action for the substance held in these old ways does not sit well in the resonance of the new.

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the untethering – part 1

The immense power of the March Equinox sent us deeper into the sacred waters of our soul, encouraging us to open our Hearts to the full depths of our being.

There is much to gain in getting intimate with our hidden selves and this year, in some ways, we can no longer avoid it. As the luminosity of the Light increases, there is nowhere to hide. Everything can be seen. Everything is coming out into the open. Nothing is invisible anymore and in realizing there was nothing to fear in the first place, we take the first steps towards reunion with our Sacred Hearts.

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unifying the sacred self

A huge wave of transformative energy is flowing through this week in the lead up to the March Equinox. While there are a number of factors at play with the recent Full Moon, the current Venus Retrograde and the Sun Chiron conjunction earlier in the week, the combination of cosmic energies are all triggering the same message, it’s time to Unify the Sacred Self.

What has become apparently clear is that despite all the Light Work we do to open up our Sacred Way, we cannot move forward in grace when the system that creates our Being is operating in disparate parts. We can only move forward in wholeness, when the system is generating a frequency of coherence and clarity.

A Unified Self is the first stepping stone in the Sacred Way.

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daughter of the white sun

When I received signs on the 13th day of each of the last 2 months that I would receive information helping to unveil more of my true identity on 13/1, I did not expect a message from Venus. But as another layer of the onion unfolds, more and more of our truth is becoming apparent. I have had more past life memories rise up in the past 12 days than I’ve had in my entire lifetime. Times are accelerating and as we open further to integrate all that we are, more of who we are comes forward.

It has been a chaotic start to the year where I find myself injured and unable to type with the ease I am used to. But the heavy painkillers I needed provided an unexpected way of accessing an altered state of consciousness. I would sit up in bed and blurt out the oddest things. I would close my eyes and find myself in vivid mind movies that were clearly part of the ancient past. I started hearing the song, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and received guidance that the 5 day window over the New Year threshold had closed and a new pathway was now leading to 13/1.

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the precipice via the agarthan council

We are the Agarthan Council of Love and we call on you today for this is an especially auspicious time of seeking the wisdom from those who have been before.

Today we follow up on our initial message in which we called upon you to initiate within your own being the space for our companionship and contribution, for in the emergence of the new world we see there are troubling times in the emancipation of all that is old and unneeded. In this transitional phase we see there is chaos and confusion, we see there is hatred and division, we see there is misguided understanding that all will take shape in the way that has always been.

We are here today to bring through this message of contradiction for this is not what we see ahead for this world. This is not what we see as the energetic platform for the Grand Divine Plan in which we are willingly playing our role as monitors and advisors, as anchors for pulling in what is in truth now streaming in at a rapid rate.

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sunburstI have been trying to write this post for the past week but the varying levels of intensity in the closing days of October have been pulling me elsewhere and when I come back I feel as if we are evolving so fast we’ve already moved on from where I was at.

Now it’s November and the first words I see relating to this month are about finding the courage to live your own dream and yet as I ponder this concept in my mind I write it down as being brave enough to write your own story, which is amusing to me because the words came via the page of Elizabeth Gilbert and I just finished a conversation about not seeing where my new path might take me.

But today I am writing these words on the road midway through another 2.5 day road trip back to North Queensland. This is what I have been waiting for since meeting my soul partner 6 months ago and as soon as an opening appeared, we both jumped on it to create a space where we could come together. When we met we lived 2000kms apart and slowly over the past few months I have packed up my life and moved my way further north as funds have allowed. Now I am on the final leg of this life changing journey, not only to begin a brand new life in soul partnership but to return to the beautiful North, the land where I have always wanted to be.

What I am do there when I arrive I am not yet sure and this what our conversation was about as we discussed the way his creative life is already opening up miraculous ways. He is embracing his creative talents and is already starting to see it beginning to flow in tangible ways.

But my courage to pack up and move north is action enough towards living my own dream as we all know that living the life that you came here to have also means being willing to let go of the life you thought you were having. I have left a lot behind but I hold no regrets as I know I am doing what’s right for me, which brings me back to Elizabeth Gilbert’s words.

Elizabeth of course, is the author of the hugely successful Eat Pray Love (2006), a book I’ve never read. The story though, was adapted into a feature film several years later and was something I had recently watched before departing on this next leg of my own journey.

I had trouble facing EPL when it was released as it was too close to my own story. Elizabeth and I are the same age and the year the book was released I was experiencing a similar situation to her, divorce and a life in disarray. Only I didn’t have the opportunity to take a year’s travel to heal the wounds of that experience. Nor did I have a neatly compartmentalised awakening to spiritual life. My experience was wildly unstable and constantly unpredictable. I lost everything over and over. It began 8 years ago and even now I am building a new life on not much more than a big armful of Love and a big, wide, open Heart.

But even so, I like what she writes. Why live someone else’s dream? If there’s anything this intensifying energy is teaching us, it’s finding the courage to believe our own story is valid. We can choose to live life however we want and the more authentic it is to our own path, the more likely it will work for the long term. It’s taken me some time to truly believe in this, to make peace with all that’s passed and yet this is another thing we are learning. In order to embrace the future we must first make peace with our past.

So now, en route to yet another new home, I have the epiphany that this is my 12th move during this rollercoaster ride that has been the last 8 years. It could very well be the opening of my 12th road. The path that stems from so many other decisions I’ve made and not made, and from coming to know what feels right for me, even when it goes against what others think would be better for me.

But the real epiphany comes in trusting that when we take the first step in living a soulful life, the Universe will be there to guide and support us. I’ve just sensed the first inklings of a creative idea and given time, inspired action and a positive focus, I have no doubt there will be plenty to develop that will provide a solid foundation for a meaningful and happy future.