unifying the sacred self

A huge wave of transformative energy is flowing through this week in the lead up to the March Equinox. While there are a number of factors at play with the recent Full Moon, the current Venus Retrograde and the Sun Chiron conjunction earlier in the week, the combination of cosmic energies are all triggering the same message, it’s time to Unify the Sacred Self.

What has become apparently clear is that despite all the Light Work we do to open up our Sacred Way, we cannot move forward in grace when the system that creates our Being is operating in disparate parts. We can only move forward in wholeness, when the system is generating a frequency of coherence and clarity.

A Unified Self is the first stepping stone in the Sacred Way.

So what we are being offered here is an opportunity to rewrite our Sacred Journey. To bring every part of our Being, including the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves we ignore, dismiss or hope will go away, into the Light for integration, inclusion and divinelovehealing.

It’s the Shifting of the Shadow, when these darker aspects can be perceived through a different lens and openly invited to join our Divine Mission. As more Light pours in, there is more compassion and as we bring all parts of ourselves into this Basket of Divine Love, where each can blossom in the safety and peace of our own loving kindness, we neutralise their effect and understand there is nothing to dislike or reject. There is nothing to be afraid of.

This inclusion and integration is teaching us to fully embrace all that makes up our Sacred Self. This is about Self Love and the willingness to see everything as an expression of that Love. Self Love is the cornerstone of the Sacred Self.

So as we open our Hearts to the Sacred Way, the Illuminated Path of our Sacred Self, and all aspects of ourselves are honoured for the contribution they have made, there is a great sense of Transformation as they fall in with the True Resonance of the highest intentions of that path.

There is nothing to fear as in the end it is all Love and in the true sense of Divine Union, not only is it Love, it is all Divine Love.





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