the untethering – part 1

The immense power of the March Equinox sent us deeper into the sacred waters of our soul, encouraging us to open our Hearts to the full depths of our being.

There is much to gain in getting intimate with our hidden selves and this year, in some ways, we can no longer avoid it. As the luminosity of the Light increases, there is nowhere to hide. Everything can be seen. Everything is coming out into the open. Nothing is invisible anymore and in realizing there was nothing to fear in the first place, we take the first steps towards reunion with our Sacred Hearts.

This is about coming into our power. Owning our truth and knowing with all fibres of our being that we are the sacred ones we feel we are. This is about untethering ourselves from the safety of our smallness and feeling absolute, secure and at one with the greatness we truly are.

There is no space for blame, guilt or regret. Whatever has passed, has passed. Let it go. Let it be. In the quietness of that acceptance we can simply unhook ourselves from those old identities, those heavy anchors and let them go. Dropping the dead weights that have held us back and truly letting ourselves be free to elevate and evolve into the next phase.

The simple act of igniting the intention of entering the next portal on our path untetheringis empowering within itself. As the heaviness falls away and the anchors dissolve, Light rushes in and fills us with expansive joy and gratitude for we have persisted at something that at times felt so pointless. But pointless it wasn’t. Persistence is the key to overcoming deeply ingrained blocks and patterns. Keep doing. Keep believing. Keep building the desire.

I must have seen variations of 22, 222 and 2222 a million times this year. 22 is the sacred number of the Master Builder, encouraging us to work diligently at our divine purpose and mission. With Courage, Strength, Resilience and Presence, we can achieve our empowerment. Reaching the tipping point when we are in Divine flow, when all things emerge from the depths with clarity and cohesion. When all things emanate Divine grace and glory.

We have all the support around us we could ever wish for, if we would only soften our defences and let it in. Each step of the way is a step forward. Each step of the way is an opening. Each step of the way is a deepening of the holy longing we hold in our Hearts.

We are at the threshold of a Cosmic Transformation and with each breath we send out our desires for all to hear. These are the times of re-patterning our internal systems. For overlaying within our programs the keys to our Divine future.

These are the times of Divine Union.


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