goddess of the rising fire

When life has us lost at sea

Adrift in the vastness that lies between

All that was and all that will be

When there are rapid currents

And rising waves

Crashing over All we have ever been

The sea will calm and cleanse

The sea will lead us away

To a place where we can be still

Where we can choose to be quiet and free

To hear the voice of Spirit speak

Within and without

Penetrating right through all we believe

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anahata : the unstruck sound

There is something in the energy of sound that can bring through the most sacred of experiences, the most unexpected transformations and initiations that can flow right under the radar of the conscious mind. One of those occurrences was delivered to me almost 11 weeks ago when our home was filled with flood waters and we had to be evacuated.

In the days and weeks after, we muddled through mud, broken possessions and despair as we bundled up what was salvageable and left our house for a new home, in a new town, in a new region.

While it has all ended favourably and we were helped so graciously in so many unexpected ways, it has been a leveling experience to have all that was solid and familiar washed out from under you with no ability to control, challenge or influence any aspect of what was occurring. Spending the night in the dark with a raging torrent flowing through your home not knowing if it was going to rise or stabilize was an extreme experience of being squeezed into the space of surrender. It changes you.

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you are all here

As we move into the last days of this year’s opening Eclipses, I am also flowing through the last days of my 40s. I have had a doozie of a decade, god knows how many kms travelled, houses lived in and left, jobs won and lost. I have virtually nothing to my name and yet there is so much in my name. In the essence that is me and all that is being anchored into the field of vibrational resonance transforming my being from the inside out.

Right now I feel like I am here. Fully Here. In a way that has never been possible before and I am sensing the entire Cosmic Field rallying around me ready to send me into the year of my Jubilee in jubilant form. There is a glorious, clarifying Eden like vibration leading the way into a whole new world that is literally waiting for us to see it, choose it and relocate to it. All vibrationally. It is just a Heart Opening away. Well, a Heart opening and a decade of inner work.

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the era of seeking has ended

Back around 1/11 I sensed the End of an Era coming. A significant closing of one chapter and opening of another. That opening is now coming through and will over the transition from 2018 to 2019, bring through monumental shifts and opportunities to evolve as human Light beings which may appear or materialise as intense life change.

I have been experiencing unusual anxiety as this shift approached. It is triggering root level issues enabling deep core change. Something the human aspect can deflect our focus from by creating sensations like anxiety and other distractions. Facing the uncomfortableness of whatever presents will help us move through this as there is momentum in this wave to totally wipe the slate clean. Again. Only this time it is for real. It feels like transitional energy.

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timeline choice point

Today on 21/12, the December Solstice, a Timeline Choice Point is emerging.   I sense this going back to the Sept Equinox of 2011, when for me personally a similar major choice point presented only back then I wasn’t able see it with clarity. Today I am fully aware of how that choice has influenced the outcomes of the past 7 years. It has created a whole circle of life experiences that has brought me back to a similar place where I am being presented with another opening, a new Timeline Choice Point that could and most likely will influence the next cycle of time.

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seeing a new blueprint

What if you could see the blueprint for your life.

What if you had the opportunity to see the timeline in action, from start to finish, with all purpose, shifts, amalgamations and merges in place.

What if you could know where you are at any given time and not just for here in this space but on all levels, seeing the full context of all connections, ties, communications and actions.

What if you could behold your entire existence in all moments.

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end of an era

Big life change is right in front of us. Who knows where it leads, who knows when it will take hold. All I sense is the end of an era, the phase of 2012-2018 coming to a close.

This most recent phase has been about waking up the resistance. Waking up the Sleeping Masters. Waking up all that is running in the background that prevents us from being the master of our own destiny. Waking up our actual mastery in its true form and pure essence. There are multiple streams here and each one of us has rivers of different programs running through our systems.

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10/10 : the call of destiny

The Mother of Liberation is coming through these October days. She is calling those at the threshold to step through. To embody the buried truth of our true Sovereign Power. To rise in the moment and write our own book of Freedom.

There has been a stripping back in September. A deconstruction taking us back to the original form. No veneers. No overlays. No hiding. What remains is the simple, raw, authentic form of our true Diamond Consciousness. So new, so shining, so vibrant. It is a restoration of sorts, where the inherent quality that has been hidden over time is brought to the fore. It’s there, intently visible in its raw beauty, fully active and integral to the embodiment of the process.

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