the way of the rose

While we can fall into what can at times feel like a deep fog of obscurity with long periods of sleep required to integrate and embody these new energies, constant and subtle shifts continue to flow in from the higher realms bringing in more of the signature energy of our own destiny.

As these new energies settle into the body, they are working in the background of our everyday lives on all levels of our physical systems to upgrade and expand into new capacities, sometimes without notice, sometimes with boosts of empowered vitality, sometimes with such intensity it is impossible to function in what we knew as normal ways.

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lemurian sounds

soundwavesI’ve just had the extremely fortunate opportunity to attend a 2 day Kryon seminar with an additional 2 day intensive with amazing medical scientist Dr Todd Ovokaitys and his Lemurian Pineal Tones. Building throughout these 4 days was the energy of the upcoming Lemurian Choir event planned for March 2015 at the sacred site of Uluru in central Australia, which will expand on the energy of previous events held at Maui, Hawaii in Dec 2012 and the Mayan Riviera, Mexico in Dec 2013. Anyone following Dr Todd’s work will know of his Lemurian origins but the power of these Pineal Tones is extraordinary to experience. Toning works on the principle that there is a frequency to everything that exists and therefore a frequency to rebalance anything that is out of balance such as any kind of ailment. It is essentially using the vibration of sound to heal. Sound is a pure form and I’ve written before on how high vibrational sound can clear and rebalance the human body. The Pineal Tones are a deeper experience using specific sounds for specific purposes. Dr Todd, a medical doctor and research scientist with a vast list of extraordinary achievements, has combined his metaphysical knowledge with intuitive guidance and personal messages from Kryon and the Pleiades to recall tones from our ancient Lemurian past that work to activate our Soul energy, create a bridge to Source and accelerate the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves held within our DNA. The combination of energies generated within the harmonics of a large group amplifies the experience, not only enhancing the body’s receptiveness to the codes but also generating quantum information that is attuned to the energy of each of the sacred locations where the tones are performed. The experience is so pure that intense transformations occur as the frequencies clear and activate our cellular structure through the Pineal gland, our master gland and receptor to the energy of Source and the All That Is, triggering profound changes within the body that open channels to cosmic communication and empowering our own abilities to master limitations and live wholly through the expression of our own true and personal codes. Although my own body has always been very receptive to sound, the intensity of these Tones was overwhelming at times but after experiencing a deep clearing equivalent to my Kundalini awakening several years ago, I held a vivid vision of cobalt blue and white crystalline pathways leading into the inter-dimensional energies waiting for us on the other side. Uluru 2015 is set to be an extraordinary event.

sextiling at piha

12throadPihaIt makes me smile to think I’ve flown across the Tasman Sea to go to the beach in the middle of winter. But it’s not just any beach. I’m at Piha Beach, the secluded jewel on the west coast of Auckland. I had to abandon my visit to Piha on the last visit to New Zealand due to car trouble and I now realize I wasn’t meant to experience Piha then as it would’ve been a rushed visit en route from the north of Auckland to the central part of the island. But this time I am here specifically and have 2 days of freedom to explore the area’s black sand beaches, majestic rock formations and walking tracks along the headlands and coastal forests. When I was guided to come here on these exact dates about 6 weeks ago, I didn’t know of the astrology that would be occurring at the time but I have arrived in the middle of the Grand Sextile, the double Trine bringing the rare energy of earth and water together to form a 6 pointed star configuration. This alignment is an amazing gift of opportunity as it also represents the sacred geometry of the Merkabah, the light body that surrounds each of us. And given the purpose of my journey was to work on my own light body, there is no coincidence that I am experiencing this alignment in one of the most magical and light infused places on the North Island. The energies here are extraordinary, emanating all around from within the distinctive rugged rocks and wild seas to the gentle fern forests and flowing waterfalls. It is Feminine in its essence and Lemurian in its heart. This is where Source energy meets Gaia, where Spirit and Earth come together and it is when this convergence of energy fills the Heart centre that it becomes possible to burst open the power of creation. I am overwhelmed by the fertile energies here, the beauty in merging the Physical and the Spiritual. To sit and breathe with these landscapes is simply the most purest form of natural healing.

first light

sunlight on beachI’ve been reading more about the First Light Symposium held in Auckland a few days after I returned from my recent journey to New Zealand. I came across this event in the preparations for my travels but despite the dates being so close I wasn’t able to attend so am very grateful for Judy Satori providing access to information and audio sequences from the event on her website. Judy has been trained by Spirit to speak incredible Light languages and offers teachings and messages that unlock the deep wisdom held within us through the special energy of the transmissions published on her site. I like the way Judy describes New Zealand as a place of New Light. A land that was once held sacred by the people of Lemuria is again opening up to receive the new energy of the New Earth via its powerful energetic portals. This is strengthened by the role of the Waitaha, the original inhabitants of the land and protectors of this sacred wisdom throughout the ages. The Waitaha found their way to Aotearoa via Hawaii and carry the ancient vibration of Unity. Kirar Taraishia beautifully explains the essence of the Waitaha people is simply one of Peace and that it is through the awakenings of the seeds sent throughout the world that those who resonate and hear the call are now returning to Aotearoa to reunite with the land that is their true Spiritual Home. New Zealand was once known as the place of Light, a land of higher knowledge and learning and it is now taking on this role again as an anchoring point for the new energies as they begin to enter Earth in greater volume and intensify, particularly in this current weeks as we lead up to the significant Wesak Full Moon towards the end of May.

Judy Satori’s website is linked here

delivering the revelations

mandalaRenown for being harbingers of significant change, eclipse energy is very distinct, generating bursts of activity to help situations evolve and transform by bringing in new information that’s needed to illuminate the truth, resolve issues and deliver deep realizations. The eclipse season occurs around every 6 months and triggers whatever began to emerge in the previous season, bringing closure or resolution to something that this time around stems back to November 2012. There are no coincidences in this world. We create everything around us, everything we see, feel and hear all arrives in perfect timing for our own Soul evolution. The process of Awakening may be occurring at different speeds in different bodies but all is occurring just as is needed. It’s all leading to the same place, a place of Unity Consciousness, where we are not only unified within our own humanity but openly aware and connected to our Spiritual heritage, our Star families and the energy that is our Universe. But the creation of Unity starts within our own bodies as we release lifetimes of hurt, pain and suffering and open ourselves to the energy of Oneness. The multidimensional energy of the Heart that emanates peace, love and compassion. Kryon has already shared the details of the 12 layers of our DNA. This is the potential we are now moving into and it is the Lemurian layers that open first. It is through the epiphanies of the revelations we receive that we realize our own Divinity, access our own Akashic record and learn how to truly heal. It is all held within our DNA and waiting for our Hearts to embrace it. Waiting for our minds to align with our inner wisdom and wholeheartedly believe in the road we are travelling. This is the time when little miracles can happen, when revelations appear that can make our Hearts sing. Eclipses are like an element of fate, delivering exactly what is needed to shift us onwards and upwards towards our destiny. Or back, as it may be, into the realm of our original Oneness.

sacred sites

New ZealandAfter a manic work pace this year and a run of full moons worthy of self implosion, I’ve been yearning for a rest and have somehow ended up on a spirit-inspired adventure in the land of New Zealand. Arriving in Auckland 2 days ago I’m on a 10 day solo driving tour of sacred sites around the North Island. My schedule is so full I have no idea where the rest fits into the itinerary however this whole trip has come straight out of nowhere with no planning or forethought from my conscious mind. It just happened one night when I was so tired from having worked 7 days a week for weeks on end that I can barely remember making the bookings. I actually think it was more likely that Spirit took advantage of my weariness and planted the instructions of the places it wanted me to visit as I somehow intuitively knew where this trip was to take me and how to do it. If Spirit could ever be described as mischievous in the way it likes to get you onboard with your own spiritual expansion, then as I sit here tonight after having already visited the rugged cliffs of Cape Reinga, the serene Spirits Bay and the majestic Taratara Mountain, still astonished that I’m even here at all, I’d have to agree. The energy in this ancient land is tangible and it goes beyond the culture of the Maori, the Waitaha are an early tribe with direct spiritual links to the Lemurians. I met a healer today in one of those wonderful synchronistic moments that comes when you’re open to the freedom of travel. He told me of the calling that is being sent out to all peoples of the world and how many are now arriving in New Zealand to fulfil their spiritual purpose. New Zealand is a very special land, isolated and yet very connected to the magic of Gaia. Pure in every sense of the word. It is also a land of extraordinary beauty and although I have visited once before, I have never travelled to these particular sites on this itinerary. I am anticipating all kinds of landscapes and to be taken in by whatever amazing view appears around the next corner.

embracing our wholeness

reikiThis blog is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learnt from my own Spiritual Awakening over the past 7 years and has given me a monumental boost of clarity and confidence in believing in my own life purpose as a Spiritual Healer. My life has taken me many places but up until 2006 I was a regular married woman with a mortgage and daily commute to an inner city job. One day that all changed and I found myself on a lonely and unfamiliar road that’s been winding up and down many mountains while unravelling the core of my existence ever since. Like the petals of a flower, these layers of myself have been falling away year after year but initially I had no understanding of what was happening and fell into a deep sense of profound grief and loss. In those early years I had no knowledge of spiritual awakening and visited many psychic readers to help find my way through the labyrinth I’d fallen into. They shared many insights but it wasn’t until 2009 when I stumbled upon Karen Bishop’s former website Emerging Earth Angels that the light finally came in. Karen’s website was dedicated to Ascension and it was by spending several days quietly alone reading her writings that I finally made the connection to what was actually happening to me. This was how I came to learn of Ascension and the impact it’s symptoms can have on daily life. Karen’s work has always resonated deeply with me and I was sadly disappointed when she discontinued her Ascension writing soon after I found her so I continued my search for answers through other means and a year later I again stumbled upon another source I immediately connected with, the channel of Kryon. By then I had read many Spiritual books, learnt to practice regular meditation, trained in Reiki and was cautiously aware there was a powerful energy channel within me although I didn’t fully understand what that meant or what I was to do with it. I also knew I was being guided into a new life but the transition was never smooth or obvious as I was still losing layers rather than creating new ones. But in late 2010 I had the incredible experience of a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening which burst open my Chakras and connection to Source Energy in an instant. This experience sparked off several Past Life awakenings including my Lemurian energy which often connects via meditation and crystals. Kundalini Energy is well known for being both intense and unnerving and for me it went dormant soon after it flowered but was reawakened again by my ThetaHealing training 18 months later. It has transformed my sensitivity to Spiritual energy and shown me I’m an empath who can feel the Light and Colour of the Higher Realms via the energy in my own body. So here in 2013, I’ve found myself living with the constant rumblings of the Kundalini reminding me my chakras are wildly open and tuning into the energy of the global awakening while still feeling slightly timid about openly integrating this aspect of myself into my daily life. But in recent days there’s been an almost unbearable urge to bring my Spiritual Healer self out into the open, almost like a ‘coming out’. It’s no longer enough to know our True Self on the inside, we’re being encouraged to embrace our wholeness with all our Heart and share with the world who we are and what we have to offer. When I look back over the past 7 years and see how far I’ve travelled there’s no doubt the journey of Awakening is a life changing one but it is no easy ride. The most important thing I’ve learnt is that we never stop learning. We are part of the creative energy of the Universe and each day brings a deeper understanding of how we merge with it. The hardest thing is letting go of where we thought we were going in order to allow our Hearts to lead us towards a life we may never have known even existed.

Note: Karen Bishop has a new website:

restless days

earth energyAs I sit here alone in these last days before 12.12.12, I look around at how my life has evolved. I’m not sure how I ended up here or why and sometimes it totally baffles me how a little girl from the country could become an independent Light worker who’s Spirit is openly connected to ancient energy. I am in a strange phase at the tail end of many difficult years where my life was turned upside down over and over in the throws of rapid Awakening. With no family or friends close by, I’m mostly in isolation but Ascension also brings its pleasures and during those years I’ve experienced an out-of-body Kundalini Awakening, recognition of several Past Lives and amazing encounters with the vivid and luminous colours of Spirit. In recent days, we’ve been given a resting period but it’s been difficult to disentangle ourselves from the looming Shift. The energy is restless, aggravated by Uranus’s pending forward motion and stirring intensely, as if the reset button is waiting to go on. When it does it will be a major turning point for all as we mark the moment when we and our Planet open the portals to the higher frequencies of inter-dimensionality. Although it is a 36 year event of which we are just reaching the mid-point, new energies will be available to those ascending and ready to receive. We will evolve together but individually we are the masters of our own personal journey. It’s often said in various channellings that those on the other side of the Veil are eternally grateful for our courage to take on Ascension while in a physical body. Planet Earth is known as a difficult classroom and this experience of shifting into the multi-dimensional Universe is a complex one, one that’s taken unfathomable preparation. There’s already been several failed attempts over the centuries but this time it will happen and is happening at a Galactic level with Universal support. For many across the planet, this moment also brings the return of Lemurian energy. Those with Lemurian origins make up less than 1% of the world’s population but are being encouraged to Awaken more than others as we have the pure imprint of Divinity and the memory of Quantum DNA already held deep within our Akashic Record. This was our past and if we are willing and open, also our future. So as I sit here alone in the stillness of these last days before 12.12.12, I light a candle. I acknowledge my challenging past, my sometimes difficult present and the unknown potential of my future. I feel grateful for the gift of Awakening and despite the strain of endless solitude, somewhere inside I’m also grateful for the freedom to soak up the intensity of Spiritual Energy and to share the wisdom and knowledge it brings. I may no longer be who I once was but then it is no longer about biology. Our bodies are physically changing as we absorb the truth of our Spiritual origins and unlock the codes of our own depths. I am restless for change but all is as it should be. The energy will rise and the change will come and what is starting to feel like a deep ending will in time become a very grand beginning. This is why we are here. This is our time to breathe deep into our Heart Chakra and fill our Auric field with an abundance of Cosmic Light, to find the courage to truly meld with our own Divinity and if it feels right, to openly embrace our Lemurian Heart.