the way of the rose

While we can fall into what can at times feel like a deep fog of obscurity with long periods of sleep required to integrate and embody these new energies, constant and subtle shifts continue to flow in from the higher realms bringing in more of the signature energy of our own destiny.

As these new energies settle into the body, they are working in the background of our everyday lives on all levels of our physical systems to upgrade and expand into new capacities, sometimes without notice, sometimes with boosts of empowered vitality, sometimes with such intensity it is impossible to function in what we knew as normal ways.

the12throadroseThroughout all this, we are constantly being monitored. Guided, nudged and encouraged to step away from what we have known and into new and sometimes unfamiliar territory. These are tests of Trust and although a little daunting, it is more about nurturing the mind into understanding that nothing is truly hidden for everything has always been inside us, just unseen behind a veil of illusion.

These new energies are bringing many gifts and it is through our surrender that we experience unexpected openings of heightened awareness that pull us closer to our soul truth, these rising sensations that carry what we know to be our true essence, our story, our reason for being here.

Our destiny.

For many women it is embodying the frequency of the Divine Feminine, the Rose, the Shekinah, the feminine aspect of Pure Source and undulating wave on which all creation travels.

The Divine Feminine is magnifying and expanding with the purpose of rebalancing planetary energies to soften the domination of masculine energy that has influenced the planet for thousands of years. As with all Ascension protocols, there is an overriding higher energy guiding us through these shifts and openings, directing us to see beyond what we have previously known and into the greater wisdom that lies beyond our perception.

Through these protocols, the path of the Rose is heralded by the Sisterhood of the Goddess energy held by Mary Magdelene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and the Great Mother Goddess, Isis. An ancient line of divine purity stemming back to Lemuria and Atlantis and being amplified now through the energy matrix of transfiguration that seeks to shift the polarities of light and dark by anchoring in the sacred attributes of compassion, kindness, beauty, wisdom, gentleness and divine love that has been long forgotten, twisted and distorted through the misjudgments of time.

The energy of the rose first came to my awareness in 2012. Not as an energetic experience but simply through tending a rose garden and truly seeing these petals of beauty for the very first time. The word ‘rose’ has always triggered something in me but it wasn’t until years later that I began to understand the deeper meaning coded in these four letters.

The Way of the Rose is the way of the Heart, facilitated through the priestess energy of ancient rites and rituals. Isis has come through as the guiding light for opening and expanding my own awareness of this realm, bringing messages of love, light and healing to encourage exploration and embodiment of the healing frequencies of the Shekinah, the stellar wind and breath of the universe and ultimate reconnection to the Oversoul energy that resides at the zero point of my own truth and destiny.


We now bring you the voice of Isis

We bring you the message of love and unity through the voice of Isis for it is in this tongue that you will seek more of your own truth.

What we say is to heal, love, unite, to unveil your heart and emanate truth, your truth as you see it to be through the process of your unveiling, your blossoming, your rose.

You are embraced in your efforts to unite, you are protected and guided to propel forward in your path.

For you are One.

Unravel the past and heal.

Open your wings and fly with the power of Isis.

You will Unite.



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