sacred sites

New ZealandAfter a manic work pace this year and a run of full moons worthy of self implosion, I’ve been yearning for a rest and have somehow ended up on a spirit-inspired adventure in the land of New Zealand. Arriving in Auckland 2 days ago I’m on a 10 day solo driving tour of sacred sites around the North Island. My schedule is so full I have no idea where the rest fits into the itinerary however this whole trip has come straight out of nowhere with no planning or forethought from my conscious mind. It just happened one night when I was so tired from having worked 7 days a week for weeks on end that I can barely remember making the bookings. I actually think it was more likely that Spirit took advantage of my weariness and planted the instructions of the places it wanted me to visit as I somehow intuitively knew where this trip was to take me and how to do it. If Spirit could ever be described as mischievous in the way it likes to get you onboard with your own spiritual expansion, then as I sit here tonight after having already visited the rugged cliffs of Cape Reinga, the serene Spirits Bay and the majestic Taratara Mountain, still astonished that I’m even here at all, I’d have to agree. The energy in this ancient land is tangible and it goes beyond the culture of the Maori, the Waitaha are an early tribe with direct spiritual links to the Lemurians. I met a healer today in one of those wonderful synchronistic moments that comes when you’re open to the freedom of travel. He told me of the calling that is being sent out to all peoples of the world and how many are now arriving in New Zealand to fulfil their spiritual purpose. New Zealand is a very special land, isolated and yet very connected to the magic of Gaia. Pure in every sense of the word. It is also a land of extraordinary beauty and although I have visited once before, I have never travelled to these particular sites on this itinerary. I am anticipating all kinds of landscapes and to be taken in by whatever amazing view appears around the next corner.


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