the grace of samadhi

In the Heart of the sacred centre, the harmonic core of all Beings, lies the Light of the Soul, the power centre of life force. This life force is the magnetic realm for all creation, the Radiant Heart of Divine White Fire.

In this place all creation lies in waiting. All thoughts, visions, desires and wishes exist in the resonance of their creation. In this space of possibility, all things exist in their infinite beingness.

Through the grace of Samadhi we bring these creations to life. We grant them presence through our participation in blending desire and form. Through the magnetics of the life force sustaining all creation, we co-create the union that creates life.

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goddess of the rising fire

When life has us lost at sea

Adrift in the vastness that lies between

All that was and all that will be

When there’s rapid currents

And rising waves

Crashing over all we have ever known

The sea will calm and cleanse

The sea will lead us away

To a place where we can be still

Where we can choose to be quiet and free

To hear the voice of Spirit speak

Within and without

Penetrating right through all we believe

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transfiguration and renewal

The flame of transfiguration, of renewal and rebirth, is burning brightly. Emanating from the central core, it is a transformation of worlds from the inside out. The flow of divine connection is gathering momentum as the magnitude of this shift now gathers pace.

We have moved into a new realm of magnetics, a realm of intense and vivid presence I can barely remember life prior to it. But it wasn’t really life as life was intended. Now I see it was more of life under a spell.

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444 and the god light

Something amazing is gaining momentum this year. It is only 7 weeks into the year and already it seems as if I’ve travelled so far I can barely remember where I started out.

The energy is ecstatic. So wildly uplifting and expansive that at times it’s impossible to maintain old ways of functioning. Left brain logic doesn’t work and some days it is simply impossible to do what we’ve always done.

I’m learning to surrender to these waves of light, allowing them to fill me, heal me, activate me and carry me into pure divine love so intensely beautiful it’s breathtaking. There are hardly words to describe the power of the sensations that rise up when the body surrenders to divine immersion.

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equinox new moon

kundaliniWe are moving through the September Equinox as I write, the midpoint between the Solstices and with it comes a welcome sense of balance. The pushing, pulling and squeezing of the last few weeks has gratefully eased and we are given room to breathe again.

There is space for settling in to where we are and if we wish, for looking ahead as with this energy comes openings, a releasing of what may have been hidden, held back or just out of reach. Openings that can help solidify our steps onto the path of the new as with this energy are the companion astrological alignments in the direct motion of Pluto, after 5 months of retrograde motion, followed by the Sun into Libra and the New Moon on the first degree of Libra.

Pluto is the little planet of intense transformation and his retrograde motion since mid-April has only enhanced what all the energy cycles are encouraging us to do, to dig deep into the murkiness of our shadow selves and remove all that is out-dated and obsolete, to free ourselves from old patterns and desires and release ourselves from wherever we are not in our own power.

Ironically, as Pluto completes this retrograde phase we are blessed with a New Moon at the first degree. While 0° is technically the first placement within a sign, a new Moon at 1° brings fresh surge of energy and so it is no surprise many are now feeling the desire for something new. To step out of what was and become someone new.

But this newness is not necessarily new in the sense of the word as all this self-analysis and self-discovery has been more of a process of uncovering, an unveiling of what has always been. As we work through peeling off the layers of who we were, we are revealing the true nature of who we really are and it is this essence of our true selves that is now urging to come out as the leading light in our lives. This light within is now finding a way to shine on the outer and it’s encouraging us to continue to shift and adjust our ways to align our paths with our new perception.

For me personally, the energy of transformation could not have appeared more boldly than it did on the weekend when a tree snake made its appearance in my bedroom. Thankfully I was not in danger and it was carefully removed by someone much braver than me but it did validate the significance of these times and as a friend noted, our animal friends make their appearance to show support on our path. With snake energy represented in the image of the Great Rainbow Serpent and the Kundalini, it is powerful symbol of creation, transmutation and shedding of the old to allow the emergence of the new.

So at this point of balance and in the spirit of Libra, this new energy is saying we are creating and we are free to choose our direction and decide which way we will tip the scales. The added freshness of a 1° New Moon is supporting new beginnings and with our true selves at the helm and all things at the core of our desires centred in Love, it is our choice as to where we go from here.


day of alcyone

AlyconeWhen I woke last Saturday, the sky was heavy with rain clouds and the air cold with a damp winter chill. Yet the colours of the last autumn leaves and new winter blooms were heightened against the darkness of the morning light. There was a beauty in the stillness and a gratefulness in me that it was a day where I could happily sit in a blanket and enjoy the peacefulness. As the morning progressed, I also became aware of a growing intensity of Love in my Heart chakra urging me to do all things beautiful. So I filled my space with incense, had a rose scented bath and set up my crystals and candles for a ceremonial meditation. This was not a typical Saturday for me, not with the increasing demands of work and the unrelenting stop/start movement of the continual cleansing we’ve been put through this year, this day was different. It was as I came to learn, the day of Alcyone. The point where our Sun has moved from Taurus into Gemini, aligning with the brightest star in the Pleiades known as Alcyone. But happy to flow with the magical pull of these energies, I let them guide me into a deep meditation where I felt my kundalini rise to the intense levels I hadn’t experienced since it awakened in 2010. This surge of spiritual union was enough to sustain a natural high into the following day until I received an unexpected message which sent me plummeting into disbelief and an unwelcome feeling of loss and separation. The stark contrast was intensely disturbing and no matter how I tried to rationalize the circumstance, the density of the feelings stuck like mud. Karen Bishop has written these energies were intended to do exactly this, separate Souls who are no longer travelling the same road in order to enable each Soul to prepare for the upcoming split that the Ascension energies are now creating. Indeed some Souls may be acting in puzzling ways as they unconsciously fortify their changing worlds while others on the Awakened path will soon be propelled into a very new reality. But as much as abrupt change is no stranger in this Ascension process, we are only human and it’s never easy on the nervous and emotional systems. But as I’ve come learn, if we sit with whatever is put before us, we will in time push through the heaviness and come back to the sacred space that is our centre. I use ambient soundscapes for these increasingly uncomfortable journeys and so with determined purpose, I spent the evening in a musical trance staring at my candles until clarity returned through the rise of images centred on Love. Knowledge. Play and Travel. But then the meditation deepened into a new sensation that took me back to the Heart centred energy of the day before. As the merkabah activated and the feeling of Love strengthened, these sensations condensed the energy into my right hand and forefinger, prompting me to write, firstly in the air, then on paper, then at the computer. Still with eyes closed and in a deep Theta state, I found myself channelling by automatic writing from the other side of the Pleiadian Veil. Words pertinent to my own Higher purpose and newly opened path.

You have a task, they said, and we are here to help you. We come to tell you about yourself and why you are here. We will help you to learn this technique. It will help you heal and to heal others. All of us are all of You and we are all here as One. You have been asking and we have been waiting. Now we are all here. Welcome


radiant waterfallIt’s funny how life works. We move through the years feeling we are doing all the right things then one day it all changes and suddenly we see things from a different perspective and realize life is not at all what we thought it was. We wonder why we couldn’t see this from the start and yet it’s only because of the journey we’ve travelled that we are able to find this new vision. We haven’t changed physically, we are still the same person in the same body and yet there is something different about us. Something invisible has pushed us into another realm or maybe something invisible has been dismantled to broaden and enrich our view. A little like moving from black and white to full colour vision only it is not just our sight, it’s the expansion of our full sensory awareness. The whole experience of living is heightened as we connect in deeper ways to our earthly and heavenly chi. And what appeared to be the normal flow of life now only seems like a meandering stream as we begin to experience a new flow of existence that’s more akin to a cascading waterfall. It is rebirth on a grand scale and yet it’s simply the change that occurs when we move beyond the illusion and open our energy pathways to the depths of our kundalini. Life manifests with more intensity and the energy flowing through our bones moves to increase our creativity and passion. We are no longer adrift on a sea of emotion but instead find ourselves in a radiant sea of euphoria. The colour of life becomes more vivid and when we think back to our former selves we begin to wonder how we could have ever possibly thought that’s all there ever was.

visiting the cross house

Cross HouseWhen I opened Drunvalo’s book, Serpent of Light, which I was guided to bring with me on this journey to New Zealand, I smiled when I read in the opening pages that the power of his spiritual calling was so strong he felt he had no choice other than to follow it.

While not quite at the global level of Drunvalo, my own experience has been similar in the way physical or ‘normal’ aspects of my life have either fallen away or not progressed in years while the spiritual and mostly invisible aspects have been rapidly expanding.

But it is precisely because there are very little distractions in my life that these spiritual truths have the space to rise. I can’t help but notice them. It takes time and patience to learn to see the messages Spirit has for you but over time you can come to understand what your Soul is trying to tell you. And in some ways, this is how I came to be in New Zealand. In other ways, it would seem I had no choice.

When I think back the signs for this journey have been around me since Nov 2012 but it’s only now that I’m able to understand how all the different messages fit together. From seeing Drunvalo’s name everywhere, constantly picking up things Made in New Zealand and unknowingly drawing images of a ‘cross house’, I can now see my Soul was pushing me to visit what Drunvalo calls the most sacred site in the whole of Aotearoa.

Te Miringa Te Kakara, Temple of the Four Winds or the Cross House.

I didn’t even know where this site was or how I would get onto it before I came to NZ but as the healer I met in the early days of my journey said to me, go to the town and you will be shown the way. And that’s exactly what happened. I drove to the nearby village and sat on a bench and asked my inner guidance to show me the way. I got a sense from the ancient rocks in the hillsides of the winding road leading into the village that I was close but as I kept driving further two particular hills grabbed my attention and I knew instinctively that’s where it was.

The Cross House is a place of extremely powerful energy although there is no longer any building there, it’s only remnants of what has been built and burnt down several times over centuries. As Drunvalo explains, the reason why this place is so special is because it was formed and constructed using the same sacred geometry that is found in Egypt and Stonehenge. It is the geometry of Universal creation. It is also said a large crystal lies deep in the Earth beneath the cross which forms a conduit in the Southern Hemisphere for anchoring Mother Earth’s Kundalini energy which has now moved from Tibet to Chile.

When I was given permission to visit the site, I wasn’t the12throadtemiringasure what I was meant to do there but since this place is all about energy, I sat on the damp ground at the edge of the cross and waited for the energy of the place to appear in my inner vision. And it did in an instant, unbelievably strong and powerful. Luminous flashing rainbows of colour so overwhelming I didn’t know where to look. Then my whole vision would wash over with waves of brilliant white intense sparkles and then back to the flashing rainbows again. The colours were so vivid that when I ended the meditation and opened my eyes the whole field I was sitting in appeared in black and white.

It was very magical to sit in an open field in a foreign country and feel so connected to the Earth. My Heart Chakra went hot, my body filled with emotion and when I eventually continued on my journey to one of the hidden natural thermal areas, I could feel the energy of the Earth accompanying me, greeting me through the tree ferns, rock faces and bubbling hot pools. It was as if I was communicating with the natural elements on a non-physical level. Seeing it with different eyes.

Time will tell how this experience will transform my spiritual awareness but wherever it takes me, it’s sure to be a treasured memory.