transfiguration and renewal

The flame of transfiguration, of renewal and rebirth, is burning brightly. Emanating from the central core, it is a transformation of worlds from the inside out. The flow of divine connection is gathering momentum as the magnitude of this shift now gathers pace.

We have moved into a new realm of magnetics, a realm of intense and vivid presence I can barely remember life prior to it. But it wasn’t really life as life was intended. Now I see it was more of life under a spell.

Now that spell has been broken and in my world I feel it from allowing the process of spiraldissolution and clearing of oaths and vows and bonds held in my personal matrix to take place. Now the life force energy of my sacred voice is free to flow like never before.

It’s like a powerforce of creation has emerged from the quagmire and a ray of possibilities, forever undulating within my realm of desires, is illuminating the path ahead. It is clarifying how everything is connected, everything has purpose in forming the foundation on which this shift is being built on.

A rainbow spiral of life is forming and that rainbow then works to create even more life. Ever flowing, ever abundant, ever resourceful. It is divine wisdom and passion in motion, blending the ethereal with the physical. Here, now and always.

As everything melds together, dissolving the past and magnetizing the future, it brings us to a place of grace where we offer gratitude for all that’s passed. We might have reached the mountaintop but we are aiming for the stars and the infinite potential that streams through the connection with our higher sense of being.

Our Higher Self. The Eternal Self. The Sacred and Divine Self.

Bringing more of this Presence into our bodies, our minds and hearts, is the purpose of transformation. It comes through on the breath. The Sacred Breath. Every inhale is an intake of life force energy, every exhale is a release of what no longer serves us. It’s that simple. Breathe it in and Breathe it out.

The act of Breathing awakens our Divine presence as it energizes the Kundalini resting at the base of the spine. This is the powerhouse of all creation, waiting for the divine perfect moment to ignite, when the elation of Divine Union can take hold. When there is a level of understanding and embodiment, respect and reverence and a readiness to honour the sacredness of the energy, only then will the flame activate in all its radiance.

And when it does, it is the true alchemist. The master of transformation, transmutation and transcendence. This is the key to mastering life and all its creation.

The key to finding the treasure within.



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