radiant waterfallIt’s funny how life works. We move through the years feeling we are doing all the right things then one day it all changes and suddenly we see things from a different perspective and realize life is not at all what we thought it was. We wonder why we couldn’t see this from the start and yet it’s only because of the journey we’ve travelled that we are able to find this new vision. We haven’t changed physically, we are still the same person in the same body and yet there is something different about us. Something invisible has pushed us into another realm or maybe something invisible has been dismantled to broaden and enrich our view. A little like moving from black and white to full colour vision only it is not just our sight, it’s the expansion of our full sensory awareness. The whole experience of living is heightened as we connect in deeper ways to our earthly and heavenly chi. And what appeared to be the normal flow of life now only seems like a meandering stream as we begin to experience a new flow of existence that’s more akin to a cascading waterfall. It is rebirth on a grand scale and yet it’s simply the change that occurs when we move beyond the illusion and open our energy pathways to the depths of our kundalini. Life manifests with more intensity and the energy flowing through our bones moves to increase our creativity and passion. We are no longer adrift on a sea of emotion but instead find ourselves in a radiant sea of euphoria. The colour of life becomes more vivid and when we think back to our former selves we begin to wonder how we could have ever possibly thought that’s all there ever was.


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