444 and the god light

Something amazing is gaining momentum this year. It is only 7 weeks into the year and already it seems as if I’ve travelled so far I can barely remember where I started out.

The energy is ecstatic. So wildly uplifting and expansive that at times it’s impossible to maintain old ways of functioning. Left brain logic doesn’t work and some days it is simply impossible to do what we’ve always done.

I’m learning to surrender to these waves of light, allowing them to fill me, heal me, activate me and carry me into pure divine love so intensely beautiful it’s breathtaking. There are hardly words to describe the power of the sensations that rise up when the body surrenders to divine immersion.

Golden RadianceAnd although that’s something many of us have been playing with for years, something’s shifted, something is very different now. We are uplevelling our experience as bringers of the light, where we can barely tell what’s happening from day to day, let alone week to week. All we can do is look out for the repetitive signs and learn to interpret the guidance that’s provided for us.

For me, it was the 444.

Every day last week I was awoken at 4.44am. I was seeing 44 and 444 everywhere. This sacred number is synonymous with Angels and happened to be a precursor to a phenomenal explosion of loving Angelic energy that came through last weekend as a spontaneous DNA expansion and upgrade through the guidance and appearance of my own Council of Light.

As probably the most extraordinary experience I have ever encountered, I was pulled into a magnetic field of telepathic communication and the instant I agreed to connect, the transformative work began. It was described to me as the beginning of my Transfiguration, an initiation into the higher streams of light to embody new healing codes aligning with my original blueprint, purpose, structure and origin for what has been the pathway of my soul.

Over what has so far been 8hrs of energetic openings, expansions and adjustments through sounds, hand movements and light language, all orchestrated from Angelic beings beyond my body, and over 20 pages of notes I’ve attempted to transcribe throughout, I have been able to understand the different steps that have taken place from the initial DNA expansion, to powerful Chakra clearings, Third Eye activations, Voice activations and breaking through energetic barriers to open up my ability to ‘see beyond the limits of form’.

As I understand it, this is the point where divine union begins and separation ends. Where these intense waves of new light frequencies work to eliminate fear, limitation and restriction and amplify the expansive energies of joy, connection and unity.

It is about upgrading the physical body to enable the merging of heart and mind as one illuminated energy of divine union. It is about bringing forward the highest expression of our true energetic blueprint so all can be in coherent harmony with the almighty god light, the pure source energy that exists in the higher realms beyond our universe.

As was delivered to me …..
 on this wind, this sacred breath, we bring you the god light.

The god light is the one that will enlighten you to the higher realms of which you are connected through your soul origins.

Bringing forth the magic that resides in the highest codes of honour for this represents your gift to the world and the truth that emanates in the highest perfection through your soul’s voice and expression.

Breathe it in and know it to be true for we are guiding you toward your own perfection and it is this magical vision that we hold for you that you will see yourself in the brilliant, radiant light that you are.


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