goddess of the rising fire

When life has us lost at sea

Adrift in the vastness that lies between

All that was and all that will be

When there’s rapid currents

And rising waves

Crashing over all we have ever known

The sea will calm and cleanse

The sea will lead us away

To a place where we can be still

Where we can choose to be quiet and free

To hear the voice of Spirit speak

Within and without

Penetrating right through all we believe

We say, I want to see beauty

In the creeks, the rivers and the trees

I want to create my own language

And immerse in creativity

I want to feel the Earth

To know her pulse and rhythms

As she shares her deepest stories

And sings her songs of wisdom

I want to retreat from the chaos

The searching and the seeking

I want to escape the bellowing

All the endless bleating

I want to know true peace

To feel the power within

To feel the balance of exuberance and bliss

In equal exchange with the Blessed Beings


I want to learn, to remember, to dwell and unite

I want to be part of a movement that doesn’t strive to be right

I want to be taught by Masters

And guided by the Light

I want to find my way forward

With absolute clarity

And the strength of inner sight

I want to commune with the crystals

And heal through the Realms of Light

I want to receive in kind

All that is abundant and right

I want to see the magic of the mystery

In the illuminated night

I want to recall who I am

I want to BE that Spark of Light

Spirit says, Look closer

Through the rustling leaves

And filtering rays of the sun

I see the place for you

And it’s urging you to come

Pulling and pushing

Stirring up desire

It is awakening within you

The dancing Shakti

Goddess of the Inner Fire

It says, Akaal

It’s time to pass through

Not from life to death

But to all that is there for you

You are a Child of the Sun

And in the Golden Light of liberation

You are here to meet

The Sacred One


Come with me

Let me lead the way

Activating the fire

That will serve as your guide

Your leading light

Feel the warmth, the pleasure inside

Feel every moment

It is the only way

Allow yourself to float

Allow yourself rise

Fly with me over the mountaintops

Fly with me into the sunrise

Here in the centre of it All

We call in the primal power

We activate the Divine Shakti call

Maha Shakti

Encompass me with your power and energy

Maha Shakti

Immerse me in creativity

Maha Shakti

Clear the way

Maha Shakti

Dancer of the Divine

Maha Shakti

Dwell within me

Maha Shakti

Light the Rising Fire

Maha Shakti

Sustain it within me Infinitely

Come back now

Back to where you reside

Knowing you have begun

Something that will never subside

Open Your Heart

To the Fire of the Shakti

Open Your Heart

Great Divine Mother is here

Open Your Heart

Know the Power of Divine Flow

Wahe Guru Wahe Jijo


In the Long Time Sun



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