visiting the cross house

Cross HouseWhen I opened Drunvalo’s book, Serpent of Light, which I was guided to bring with me on this journey to New Zealand, I smiled when I read in the opening pages that the power of his spiritual calling was so strong he felt he had no choice other than to follow it.

While not quite at the global level of Drunvalo, my own experience has been similar in the way physical or ‘normal’ aspects of my life have either fallen away or not progressed in years while the spiritual and mostly invisible aspects have been rapidly expanding.

But it is precisely because there are very little distractions in my life that these spiritual truths have the space to rise. I can’t help but notice them. It takes time and patience to learn to see the messages Spirit has for you but over time you can come to understand what your Soul is trying to tell you. And in some ways, this is how I came to be in New Zealand. In other ways, it would seem I had no choice.

When I think back the signs for this journey have been around me since Nov 2012 but it’s only now that I’m able to understand how all the different messages fit together. From seeing Drunvalo’s name everywhere, constantly picking up things Made in New Zealand and unknowingly drawing images of a ‘cross house’, I can now see my Soul was pushing me to visit what Drunvalo calls the most sacred site in the whole of Aotearoa.

Te Miringa Te Kakara, Temple of the Four Winds or the Cross House.

I didn’t even know where this site was or how I would get onto it before I came to NZ but as the healer I met in the early days of my journey said to me, go to the town and you will be shown the way. And that’s exactly what happened. I drove to the nearby village and sat on a bench and asked my inner guidance to show me the way. I got a sense from the ancient rocks in the hillsides of the winding road leading into the village that I was close but as I kept driving further two particular hills grabbed my attention and I knew instinctively that’s where it was.

The Cross House is a place of extremely powerful energy although there is no longer any building there, it’s only remnants of what has been built and burnt down several times over centuries. As Drunvalo explains, the reason why this place is so special is because it was formed and constructed using the same sacred geometry that is found in Egypt and Stonehenge. It is the geometry of Universal creation. It is also said a large crystal lies deep in the Earth beneath the cross which forms a conduit in the Southern Hemisphere for anchoring Mother Earth’s Kundalini energy which has now moved from Tibet to Chile.

When I was given permission to visit the site, I wasn’t the12throadtemiringasure what I was meant to do there but since this place is all about energy, I sat on the damp ground at the edge of the cross and waited for the energy of the place to appear in my inner vision. And it did in an instant, unbelievably strong and powerful. Luminous flashing rainbows of colour so overwhelming I didn’t know where to look. Then my whole vision would wash over with waves of brilliant white intense sparkles and then back to the flashing rainbows again. The colours were so vivid that when I ended the meditation and opened my eyes the whole field I was sitting in appeared in black and white.

It was very magical to sit in an open field in a foreign country and feel so connected to the Earth. My Heart Chakra went hot, my body filled with emotion and when I eventually continued on my journey to one of the hidden natural thermal areas, I could feel the energy of the Earth accompanying me, greeting me through the tree ferns, rock faces and bubbling hot pools. It was as if I was communicating with the natural elements on a non-physical level. Seeing it with different eyes.

Time will tell how this experience will transform my spiritual awareness but wherever it takes me, it’s sure to be a treasured memory.


4 thoughts on “visiting the cross house

  1. Hello,
    we have seen your blogg during our readings about the Meringa te kakara.
    We have some questions about your Adventure there.

    We would appreciate it, in you can contact us.

    Andrea & raphael

    Sorry for our Bad english.

  2. Beautiful post. Te Miringa is an incredible place. Three and a half years ago I sat on all four corners and acknowledged the ancients to align my Nordic Ancestory with my children’s Maori Ancestory to help sort out family issues. Within a few months these thing began to get on track for the benefit of my Viking/ Warrior Children. Two and a half years later I found myself miraculously living in my own property vey close to another sacred and powerful site Castle Hill in the South Island of New Zealand. I never thought possible but miracles do happen. Forever greatful and now it’s time to pay it forward with The Challenge of My Awakening. Much love and regards Shane M Smith

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. I have now been to NZ 3 times and each visit has been very different and very special. It’s a magical country and I often feel the pull to return again. All the best for your program. 🙂

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