first light

sunlight on beachI’ve been reading more about the First Light Symposium held in Auckland a few days after I returned from my recent journey to New Zealand. I came across this event in the preparations for my travels but despite the dates being so close I wasn’t able to attend so am very grateful for Judy Satori providing access to information and audio sequences from the event on her website. Judy has been trained by Spirit to speak incredible Light languages and offers teachings and messages that unlock the deep wisdom held within us through the special energy of the transmissions published on her site. I like the way Judy describes New Zealand as a place of New Light. A land that was once held sacred by the people of Lemuria is again opening up to receive the new energy of the New Earth via its powerful energetic portals. This is strengthened by the role of the Waitaha, the original inhabitants of the land and protectors of this sacred wisdom throughout the ages. The Waitaha found their way to Aotearoa via Hawaii and carry the ancient vibration of Unity. Kirar Taraishia beautifully explains the essence of the Waitaha people is simply one of Peace and that it is through the awakenings of the seeds sent throughout the world that those who resonate and hear the call are now returning to Aotearoa to reunite with the land that is their true Spiritual Home. New Zealand was once known as the place of Light, a land of higher knowledge and learning and it is now taking on this role again as an anchoring point for the new energies as they begin to enter Earth in greater volume and intensify, particularly in this current weeks as we lead up to the significant Wesak Full Moon towards the end of May.

Judy Satori’s website is linked here


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