embracing our wholeness

reikiThis blog is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learnt from my own Spiritual Awakening over the past 7 years and has given me a monumental boost of clarity and confidence in believing in my own life purpose as a Spiritual Healer. My life has taken me many places but up until 2006 I was a regular married woman with a mortgage and daily commute to an inner city job. One day that all changed and I found myself on a lonely and unfamiliar road that’s been winding up and down many mountains while unravelling the core of my existence ever since. Like the petals of a flower, these layers of myself have been falling away year after year but initially I had no understanding of what was happening and fell into a deep sense of profound grief and loss. In those early years I had no knowledge of spiritual awakening and visited many psychic readers to help find my way through the labyrinth I’d fallen into. They shared many insights but it wasn’t until 2009 when I stumbled upon Karen Bishop’s former website Emerging Earth Angels that the light finally came in. Karen’s website was dedicated to Ascension and it was by spending several days quietly alone reading her writings that I finally made the connection to what was actually happening to me. This was how I came to learn of Ascension and the impact it’s symptoms can have on daily life. Karen’s work has always resonated deeply with me and I was sadly disappointed when she discontinued her Ascension writing soon after I found her so I continued my search for answers through other means and a year later I again stumbled upon another source I immediately connected with, the channel of Kryon. By then I had read many Spiritual books, learnt to practice regular meditation, trained in Reiki and was cautiously aware there was a powerful energy channel within me although I didn’t fully understand what that meant or what I was to do with it. I also knew I was being guided into a new life but the transition was never smooth or obvious as I was still losing layers rather than creating new ones. But in late 2010 I had the incredible experience of a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening which burst open my Chakras and connection to Source Energy in an instant. This experience sparked off several Past Life awakenings including my Lemurian energy which often connects via meditation and crystals. Kundalini Energy is well known for being both intense and unnerving and for me it went dormant soon after it flowered but was reawakened again by my ThetaHealing training 18 months later. It has transformed my sensitivity to Spiritual energy and shown me I’m an empath who can feel the Light and Colour of the Higher Realms via the energy in my own body. So here in 2013, I’ve found myself living with the constant rumblings of the Kundalini reminding me my chakras are wildly open and tuning into the energy of the global awakening while still feeling slightly timid about openly integrating this aspect of myself into my daily life. But in recent days there’s been an almost unbearable urge to bring my Spiritual Healer self out into the open, almost like a ‘coming out’. It’s no longer enough to know our True Self on the inside, we’re being encouraged to embrace our wholeness with all our Heart and share with the world who we are and what we have to offer. When I look back over the past 7 years and see how far I’ve travelled there’s no doubt the journey of Awakening is a life changing one but it is no easy ride. The most important thing I’ve learnt is that we never stop learning. We are part of the creative energy of the Universe and each day brings a deeper understanding of how we merge with it. The hardest thing is letting go of where we thought we were going in order to allow our Hearts to lead us towards a life we may never have known even existed.

Note: Karen Bishop has a new website: http://www.gamabooks.com


2 thoughts on “embracing our wholeness

  1. “a life we may never known even existed,” as you said in finishing your wonderful blog entry, I firmly believed we knew at a very early age existed. Unfortunately, the environment got in the way. How wonderful to see that you are on the path to rejoining with it!

    1. Yes I think you’re right Rob. I’ve been realizing over these past days how much of this was being hinted at in my early years but I didn’t recognize the signs. All’s changed now šŸ™‚

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