finding our truth

planetsSince we are at the beginning of our New Era, we are also at the beginning of a new phase of evolution that will see the emergence of new information and many new ideas. This new Energy coming in will open up a dramatic phase of development that will see long term change in how we live, how we think and more so, what we believe in. This is when the seeds of change are being planted and given 2012 was a marker for the mid-point of the Galactic Alignment, there is still another 18 years of settling into this new Energy before it really takes hold. Human evolution is not fast, in fact Humanity may become murkier before it emerges in full Light but a wave of change has arrived and as our own DNA evolves we will see the changes appear in the next generations as they will come through in our children. The new Humans will be different and as many people are already seeing, some of our children are already different. But if you’re in the early stages of your own Spiritual development then there is much to take in to understand what it all means and the best advice I could share is to expect to throw all that you know out the window. All of it. Much of this early energy has been about Truth. Finding your own Truth and learning how to live it and express it creatively. But there’s also been many instances of the collective Truth being brought out into the Light with so many high level secrets, concealments and shonky wrong-doings exposed as part of the breaking down of the old structures that have kept the real Truth hidden for thousands of years. Each of our Souls knows this and even if we are tired of continually battling the old, we have to find a way to retreat into our Sacred place, re-centre ourselves and step forward again as it is the Light in our Soul that is needed here to help this process of transition. Our world is on the edge of change that’s beyond anything this Planet has ever known. And we are creating it. We are the Starseeds doing the work, luminous Light Beings of the Universe who have chosen to be here in physical bodies to help create the energy that creates the change. Understanding this fundamental Truth is essential to understanding anything of the New Earth. As the new Children come through and the changes within our physical bodies and spiritual abilities become more apparent in daily life there will come a time when what is considered ‘New Age’ will no longer be sidelined as weird, eccentric or unnatural. But for now we must believe in the Truth that exists in the depths of our Hearts. There is wisdom in the words we are the ones we have been waiting for, for we are also our own ancestors and when we awaken to this Truth of the infinite Cycle of Life we can start unravelling the misconceptions delivered through mainstream science, media and even religion and develop a stronger discernment for intuitively knowing what is true and what is not. As we naturally gravitate toward the sources of information that reflect the Soulful values of integrity, honesty and equality, it may lead to a complete re-evaluation of all that is but will open the doors to greater knowledge and learning and lead us along the path to deeper Awakenings.


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