infinite wishes

cupcakeToday is my birthday. I’m 44. A bigger number than I’d care to admit but there it is and if my intuition is right I’m not even half way yet. So the number of today gives me the double 4 and the energy of the 8. The first thing I see is 4 and 8 add up to 12. A very relevant number for me. But in the 4 there’s the energy of Mother Earth, of stability, foundation and responsibility, all magnified for it’s duplication. In the 8 there’s the energy of manifestation. Spiritual as much as physical and in some ways, the result of the hard work of the 4. But the double 4 is also a message for intuition, of trusting instincts to continue on the current path. But where the geometry of the 4 feels like one cycle, the 8 is infinite. And to me that’s the real message of today. To believe that efforts in establishing strong and authentic foundations will manifest success. The double 4 is also a Master Number and with that added boost, today really is the day to affirm the belief in the potential of the infinite unknown.


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