the untethering – part 2

Imagine being free from all aspects of the past, floating in the space of Alchemy.         True Freedom is not something we are used to. Having lived with so many restrictions and limitations on our lives, we have been tethered to anchors of illusion while forgetting our innate ability as Creator Beings. But here in the rays of this new energy, we are awakening to the truth beyond the illusion and standing at the threshold of a world bathed in pristine Divine Light.

With that transition comes immense challenges and changes as all parts of our biological and physical systems are essentially rebooted into another format. We are being transformed from the inside out and anywhere we hold aspects of old density is being brought to the surface for our acknowledgement and action for the substance held in these old ways does not sit well in the resonance of the new.

But in witnessing these two worlds overlapping, we understand it is not so much new as a return. The restoration of the Original Light and Divine Purpose that brought us here in the first place. And that could mean many things to many people. It’s not just why you were born here in this life but why you arrived on this planet to create this life. It is the awakening to the complex and expansive world of multi-layered, multi-dimensional Light that supports our existence here.

As this process gathers momentum, it makes sense that the human body will naturally feel the affects, that we are prompted into changing our lives and activated in ways that may not make logical sense. It makes sense that we are encouraged to dissolve all thoughts and beliefs supporting old anchors, to eliminate limitation and suffering. To neutralize the charge of the opposing densities and harmonize our systems through the field of pristine Divine Light.

Mastering the human body is part of the journey and neutralizing the power of the lountetheringwer aspects held in our system is an achievement worth praising ourselves for. It takes effort, persistence, compassion and patience to elevate into the space beyond the illusion, where we are untethered from what was, absolute and free to merge with the Golden White Light of the Eternal Embrace.

But there is a sequence to these events and one cannot jump to the outcome without embodying the process. We must trust, allow and understand the purpose of the integration and see the neutrality in things. We must be the vessel for the purpose to evolve through a natural state of alchemy.

Alchemy is the movement, the transformation of what was into what will be. Alchemy is the process of embodying the magic that’s available to us. It isn’t so much magic but appears so as it is so new to our realities. It is new to our systems as many of us have not yet functioned through the waves of alchemy in this way. We have not yet mastered the keys to creation and the conscious movement of Light.

This year is all about building a Stairway to Heaven and this is brilliantly clear when we rise above daily events and look to the patterns that have emerged since the crossover of 1/1/1 and see how everything is shifting and shaping to rearrange our lives in support of our greatest desires. Look for what’s new, what’s changed and open your mind to the colours, the sounds, the scent and the seeds that are developing now.

Through this process of Transcendence, the movement of Light through Intention will begin to form the basis of reality. This is the purpose of the systems and structures that support our world. It is set out this way and will remain this way. When we link up to this system in full conscious awareness, Heart Rays will stream out with purpose and our highest desires will find their path of creation with ease. This is the key to manifestation and the state of coherence that supports this system to succeed is already here.

True Freedom is generated by Love, held strong by the innate knowing deep within that we are all destined for a world greater than this. By consciously bathing ourselves in these waves of pristine Divine Light we invoke a higher state of harmony, untethered from constraints of the old and resonant with the higher path and the true experience we are all seeking.






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