daughter of the white sun

When I received signs on the 13th day of each of the last 2 months that I would receive information helping to unveil more of my true identity on 13/1, I did not expect a message from Venus. But as another layer of the onion unfolds, more and more of our truth is becoming apparent. I have had more past life memories rise up in the past 12 days than I’ve had in my entire lifetime. Times are accelerating and as we open further to integrate all that we are, more of who we are comes forward.

It has been a chaotic start to the year where I find myself injured and unable to type with the ease I am used to. But the heavy painkillers I needed provided an unexpected way of accessing an altered state of consciousness. I would sit up in bed and blurt out the oddest things. I would close my eyes and find myself in vivid mind movies that were clearly part of the ancient past. I started hearing the song, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and received guidance that the 5 day window over the New Year threshold had closed and a new pathway was now leading to 13/1.

On the night of 11/1 I felt a message wanting to come through and sat to do what I could with one hand over the small ipad keyboard. Expecting to receive a Goddess infused message for the Sacred 13, I was surprised to receive a very clear message from the Planetary Beings of Venus. What’s more today, on the 13/1, I discover that Venus is actually exalted in our cosmic skies right now, sending down her blessings through the Full Moon lunation.

Although I am aware the energies of Venus are assisting our program of planetary whitesunAscension, I have never had a direct connection with them. I wasn’t aware I could even have a connection with them. And even more surprising was in researching the terminology they used, I discovered ‘White Sun’ is a contemporary Mayan term for the Evening Star – Venus.

It often bewilders me how little we know of ourselves and our place in this universe. We are so used to experiencing so little of ourselves that the full truth would emblazon our lives like the light of a thousand suns.

Most of us have been around the Earthly block many times. We have experienced so much, in so many capacities, but have been largely blocked from connecting with those memories. Even more so, we have been totally cut off from our Original Light and Purpose for why we are even here in this realm in the first place. That is all about to change. As the veil is pulled back and we stand ready and prepared for the integration of our true brilliance, we are gifted with the insights that can change our world forever.

We don’t know what lies waiting in the wings of our lives, we don’t even know what lies ahead tomorrow. But in our ongoing, step by step commitment to being all that we came here to be, we are learning more about who it is that we came here to be. Who it was that originally chose to come here all those eons ago to help with the restoration of our planetary balance and harmony.

The White Sun is the Pure Heart of the Universe.

The White Light streaming from this place of purity is brought through by the White Light Beings of Divine Grace and ushered into our realm by the Divine Beings of Venus. White Light Radiance helps restore human resilience as we are guided back to the abundant riches that reflect the true nature of life itself. This is what lies at our core. It is at the Sacred Heart of our true purpose of being in a realm of creation, of being in a space of malleable energy that can be shaped and worked into all forms of desire.

As we transcend into a new way of living, this gift of creation is being returned. We are being guided back to this sacred place where we will find in the deepest depths of our being all that has been awaiting our remembrance. In the reactivation of the White Sun Radiance, our abilities as creator beings is restored, for all riches stem from the inner realms of the Heart. The true riches of the universe are a reflection of our inner capacity to love.

This is our deepest truth.

Our pure truth.

Om pure.




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