blue moon

On the eve of this Full Moon in Aquarius I’m reading we’ll experience a Blue Moon this month referring to the occurrence of 2 full moons within the same month (the next one being in Pisces on August 31st) and giving us 13 full moons during 2012. I’m always fascinated by the cycle of the moon. She may be 384,405kms away but she’s always so dependable in our skies as she moves through her ever changing journey around the Earth. I love glancing up and unexpectedly finding the moon right there above me, whether it’s the middle of the day, middle of the night or in the early evening sky, the time I usually find the Crescent Moon outside my kitchen window. And as the strength of her gravitational pull is enough to influence our ocean tides so too does her rhythm influence our emotional wellbeing. It can be said that New Moons bring hope, Full Moons bring light, Dark Moons bring respite. Crescent Moons appear in the first week after a New Moon, the start of the lunar phase and traditionally known as a time for new beginnings with the waxing period of the first two weeks emphasizing growth and building. The Full Moon brings the high point of culminations while the waning period is a winding down to the Dark Moon, the time when the moon is completely concealed by the Earth’s shadow and therefore a quieter time of retreat and rejuvenation. The Full Moon is also a time when the moon is always opposite the Sun which not only strengthens her light but also increases the level of the tides and the effects on our changing moods and emotions. So as an Aquarian I’m sure to be feeling the energy of this lunation in it’s full brightness and as she moves into opposition with the Sun in Leo, my solar 7th house, I can already anticipate which part of my life she’ll be lighting up.


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