the moon of revelations

arcdetriompheFive years ago I discovered I am on a life journey with a road map of 12 roads. For whatever reason my Soul chose a life of 12 different roads I’m not sure but it’s my blueprint and nothing can change that path. I might delay the journey or take a side excursion here and there but eventually Cosmic forces shunt me back on track to continue down the roads set out for me. I’ve never known where or when these roads will appear and it’s been exhausting at times trying to keep up with them but I’ve known for several years that I had reached the 11th and therefore, the 12th road was looming somewhere near. This year, the Year of Full Moons, as Kryon aptly names it, has been intense with continuous floods of Light shaking up stagnant energy and through deepening meditations I’ve been guided to take solo journeys to different locations at each Full Moon to hold and anchor the energy coming in. At first I was unsure of how to interact with these sites but in each location, with only my intuition as a guide, I experienced a transformative healing or Cosmic opening that’s further awakened my connection to Source energy. On this recent Blue Moon, I was in the Blue Mountains, a joke I thought at first, but while sitting in Sydney Airport waiting for my return flight, a wave of energy went through me that released an emotional flow of personal revelations. I had a moment like in the movies, where I withdrew into total stillness while the busy airport whirled around me and it suddenly became clear my 12th road was calling. It was like the veil had finally been lifted, bringing a strong sense of clarity that everything I’ve been through over the past 25 years or so has provided me with the richness of experience needed to navigate this 12th road. The power of the Lion’s Gate stargate opening has been immense and this new energy is being triggered again this weekend with yet another influx of new Light coming our way to further anchor us into these new spaces. I’m still getting visions of a roaring Lion inviting me through that open doorway and with it are imprints of international sites that speak to me in sacred ways. I have always believed openings can occur when we allow ourselves to surrender to the unknown and these Full Moon journeys have shown me we are all unique energies who have come here for unique reasons. There is something to be said for Divine timing and it feels like the time has now come. Under the lingering rays of this unique Blue Moon we are being gifted a loving hand direct from the Cosmic Heart to help find the road that leads to our Soul purpose. Signposts can appear anywhere so why not in the middle of a busy airport. It seems right for a message that sacred journeys and mystical places will form an enriching part of my long awaited 12th road.


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