be inspired – part 3

12throadbeinspiredI have a dream that I’ve held close to my heart for many years. It is a dream of a way of life and it has always been centred around the building of my own house. The image of this building has come to me through various meditations and is based on the principles of sacred geometry and would function as a home, design studio, healing space and gathering place. I’ve always felt this building would be the centre of my life, that it would emanate an energy of wholeness and connectedness and through the light, textures and materials, it would be open and welcoming to all who walked through its doors. Although I’ve continuously been tinkering with the design details of how these spaces might fit together, it was becoming difficult to understand how I would ever find the right piece of land that fits with the concept within the area where I’m currently living. But through the revolutionary energy that’s come through these past few months, I’ve suddenly been given a whole new perspective on this project as I’ve come to realize the land is not meant to be found where I am but I am to move to the land. This realization recently took me on a journey to the lush landscapes of northern NSW, an area filled with rolling green hills that originally inspired me many years ago. I often write of there being no coincidences in life and returning to the small country town that took a piece of my heart all those years ago I feel a sense of connection that’s telling me that something is looming near. These lush mountain valleys have always felt like heartland country to me and when I saw this sign above a local store, I had to smile at the synchronicity. A clear message to me saying keep believing in your deepest dreams for this is the energy that will carry them forward.


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