zenThere is a lull in the energies from where I sit, as if the momentum of our forward movement has dropped out again. We have been positioned in our new places and even though we are physically here it feels as if we are still floating in transit. While we wait for more of what is around us to unfold, we are surrounded with a quietness and stillness. There is an inner peace rising up craving simplicity. This inner feeling suggests this simplicity will lead the way forward even when we don’t know where that is yet and although we are feeling the question of ‘now what?’, we are unable to force anything to happen. We can’t tolerate anything complicated or chaotic, limiting or restricting and so must honour our feelings and stay as light as the breeze. There is support in all that we do that is aligned with our Soul purpose and I find myself regularly calling in for help and assistance, and gaining great pleasure from witnessing the smallest of miracles and other gifts appearing one after the other. If we use our bodies as guidance we soon recognize what is right for us and what is wrong and by following these intuitive senses, remaining clear and calm in our minds and focused in our vision, it is through simplicity that we open up to new possibilities rather than falling back into old ways. We couldn’t anyway. It would feel intolerable. We are in new spaces now. New energy. New life. New purpose. All circling around us and waiting for the moment to align and integrate with all that we are. Calmness is the key. Simplicity is the door. Peaceful patience is what takes us through.


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