manifesting miracles

spiritual lightWhenever I have sat down to write this year I get half way and walk away. It seems what was relevant yesterday is no longer needed today and I find myself being drawn elsewhere to enjoy the gentleness within this new energy. It is a welcome feeling and yet it is also encouraging action to pare back and initiate change at a personal level. With everything coming to a standstill last year, my own situation was anything less than gentle but knowing it was a test of faith, belief and patience, I immersed myself into a period of deep healing and focussed manifestation using a combination of meditation, visualisation, affirmations, Pray Rain journaling and ThetaHealing techniques to help bring forward the whole-life change I knew was on the horizon. It’s commonly said that all comes with Divine Timing and over these past weeks I’ve watched as each step to moving closer to this new life has been delivered to me in an easy and effortless way and in 3 weeks time, I will now be following my dream and relocating 1500kms north to Northern NSW. This experience of deliberate manifestation has been enlightening. As I continued asking for help and assistance from the higher realms in my meditations, I came to realize our existence here is akin to walking around with invisible strings. We have Free Will so there is always the choice to either recognize and work with the strings or ignore them. But the source above the strings, which are really Cosmic Light rays, are a benevolent energy that only have our best interests at heart. They want us to have the greatest joys from this experience of being inside this human body and yet it can be hard for us to find the strings when we’ve ignored them for so long. We might struggle at first, even receive mixed messages, maybe experience a little confusion or even doubt that we’ve even found them but with perseverance and faith, it will come. Information is always flowing through these invisible strings, it’s just a matter of tuning into the right vibration to receive it. And when we do, the world opens up to a whole new level. The irony is that freedom in living comes when we allow these Cosmic strings to guide us along our life path as the source above the strings has the higher vantage point of being able to see the bigger picture that’s all around us and therefore, the ability to guide us down the appropriate paths towards whatever it is we are seeking. If we loosen the control on our life’s direction, eliminate the fear and limitations we subconsciously create and allow the strings to use their gentle nudging to direct us, we can be guaranteed an outcome that not only fulfils our dreams but exceeds it. This is the way we were intended to experience life and how we can truly shift our experience as co-creators of a life of our dreams. Miracles aren’t always miracles as such. Sometimes they do arrive out of the blue and other times we create them simply by changing our beliefs to embrace something we previously thought was impossible. It’s what happens when we clear enough debris from our energy to vibrationally click into place and align with the power of creation that flows through our invisible Cosmic strings.


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