opening the infinite pathway

There are new opportunities presenting through this Eclipse Season for propelling us through the threshold of limitation and into the space of the Infinite Pathway, the realm of evolving, emerging and expanding into a New Dawn of Light.

In knowing this Pathway is largely unfamiliar to most, there is also unbridled Celestial help and assistance available to guide us through the threshold and experience the transition with the least resistance possible.

There are a myriad of ways we can move through this but as the Infinite Pathways are forever flowing, it is in our ability to allow the flow to pass through us that we will be awakened to the actions and activities that will amplify our ability to transition.

It is a simple task and yet one many have difficulty undertaking for there is a difficulty in sustaining the flow for the magic to unveil. There is a difficulty in allowing the magic to unfold.

What we need to remember is that if we feel compelled by this Pathway, it is one we have invited in and created with our own Innate Power. It is one that will move through all aspects of our reality, all aspects of our physicality. It is one that will deconstruct and dissolve all limiting structures within and without. It is a magical pathway that resets the playing field to support, nurture and cultivate an outlook and understanding through the internal dawning of the Infinite Realm.

To open the Infinite Pathway, we embrace our Sacred Heart and allow all to unfold in pathwayDivine Grace, Divine Wisdom and Divine Gratitude. The power to begin is within us. It was and always has been and the restoring of this power is part of the initiation into the Infinite Pathway, for one cannot be in the space of Infinite Power if one does not recognize it.

To flow through the Infinite Pathway, we must be at peace with ourselves and allow our Radiant Higher Self to lead the way. Our Light Being’ness is already anchored in this space, free flowing in the world of magical creation, waiting our call to assist in our conscious expansion into these realms that can birth a whole new level of creative outpourings that have the ability to sustain life beyond anything we have ever known.

There is also an aspect of permission here, that we are to be consciously aware and able to perceive, embrace and embody the process in all ways and at all levels. To activate this permission, we go within and embrace all elements and aspects of ourselves and bring them in wholeness to the point of Light in which we perceive the dawning of this New Light. This inner Eternal Sunrise that is the birth of a New Dawn.

From this space, we can will find ourselves in the centre of what we have always dreamed of. It is the space of magic and miracles, a part of our life we have been largely unaware of. And yet, when we honour the moment and immerse in the beauty, we find we are led right into the Heart of infinite blessings.

That is the power of Divine Flow, the abundant nature of the Infinite Realm and the potential that lies ahead for everyone on their Sacred Pathway.


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