colours of change

buddhaWe’ve embraced the energy of the Equinox. We’ve set our intentions with the bold Aries New Moon. We’ve moved through the Lunar Eclipse into the depths of the Grand Cardinal Cross and now in this transformative month we’re being led into the energies of the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse. The closure of the eclipse portal brings an opening for new beginnings. A release into new life and into what feels strangely unfamiliar. The surge in Light this month is propelling us forward, onward and upward into our highest energies but it is also encouraging us to embrace this new life with blinded trust. These are new times, requiring new ways of being and as we move from a mind-based existence to Heart-centred living, we have less control on what happens and when. It is nearly impossible to make plans, to prepare for the weeks ahead in the orderly ways of the past. The days now come together in ways beyond our control and if we try to peer too far ahead the vagueness makes it near impossible to imagine. Things are occurring in the moment now, with each of us taking our one step at a time to deal with what’s needed on this long road of shaking off the old to create space for the new. It is a wake up call for some, with unexpected upheaval occurring for many but it’s all part of moving into the New Earth and connecting to a higher way of being. As we embrace, integrate and expand with the ebb and flow, we are touching the new more and more and the Light in our bodies is ever increasing. Some days we can sense it. We can feel it. We can see it as we find new courage to step out of our comfort zones and do things we might not have done before. Whether it be acting on our inner guidance, taking a step toward long held dreams, allowing comforts into our daily life or just doing something for the sheer joy it brings. Each day is about being true to our own Hearts and kind to our own desires. Embracing the fullness of living an authentic life enlivened with the colourful energy of spirit. At its height, it is exhilarated expansion. The energy of Love fills each of the cells of our body and lifts us to heightened sensations. This is being in the flow of all we desire. Everything can be felt swirling around at arm’s reach, circulating within our fields ready for the signal to manifest. And when it does it is pure delight. The new energy transforms the smallest of pleasures into pure delight. In these moments we can feel our reality change as our energy lifts and we feel our energy change as our reality shifts. It is a transformation, an opening. Blossoming into the exalted colours of the new world. These are the moments to be treasured and the moments to be remembered for this will become our new normal. This is the way of the new.


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