holding the key

sriyantraWhen you hear the phrase, Ask and it is Given, there are many scenarios that spring into mind.

Ego says, Yes, please bring me what I need now. I’ve been waiting so long. Spirit says, Hold on, have you aligned to the vibration that allows you to see what is being given to you.

The conscious mind then falls into confusion because it can only process what is physically visible or at least tangible to the experience we have in this earthly plane. But at a deeper level, the body is already connecting with what it needs to nudge you in the right direction of experiencing the joy of finding whatever it is you are looking for.

We then come to a decision. We have free will to do as we please so we can either quieten our minds and tune into the signals being sent by our intuition or we can stomp all over the process by forcing our control on how we think events should unfold.

Both methods achieve results, the latter though, tends to involve considerable effort, hard work and most likely some level of frustration and struggle.

The more peaceful approach is something that is creeping up on me. With these transformative energies flooding in, we have more access to our spiritual partners than ever before. The communication lines are open and the messages, it seems, are flowing in.

I’ve become attuned to recognizing messages from my own Guides and have two parallel themes being ignited by ongoing and repetitive signs in recent weeks. One of them I’m already familiar with as it was something that revealed itself to me several years ago and I’m feeling it’s ready to move to another level.

The other one though, is new. This one is intriguing me more as I sense it could be the actual key to unlocking a whole set of unknowns occurring in my life. Things I can’t seem to control no matter how much effort I apply.

But it is not with Ego that this connection can be developed, it is only through the Superconscious mind, or a deep meditative state that I could begin to get anywhere near exploring it. I don’t even really know what to do but as synchronicity would have it, links to articles, radio shows and those who already have knowledge are randomly falling in my inbox to help me along.

Self Direction has always been a strong element in my spiritual journeying. Most of the big things just happen without me realizing and it’s not until I gain the knowledge afterwards that I begin to understand the truth of what’s been happening.

This process teaches me that we hold our own keys to unlocking the secrets of life.

We all have intuition, we all have Spirit Guides and we all have the ability to clear and purify our bodies to heighten the connection between the two. What we do with these abilities is up to us but stepping up to the challenge to explore the metaphysical is so rewarding right now. Exhilarating even, in knowing that with every step we take, we are bringing ourselves into alignment with the energy that breaks down invisible barriers and expands our consciousness into the vastness of All That Is, enabling us to see what has always been there but previously hidden to our understanding.




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