all about abundance

With the Full Moon illuminating the energies of August, the story is all about Abundance. We have everything to assist us with purifying, energizing and amplifying our understanding and acceptance of what it means to return to our natural state as abundant beings.

It is often said, Abundance is Your Natural Birthright, and yet that statement can feel empty to someone not experiencing abundance. When you are outside the abundance circle and surrounded by struggle and hardship, it can be hard to see or believe in the possibility of a natural flow of universal blessings.

Abundance, like everything else in our world, is an energy. It is a vibration we carry that goldenlightfluctuates between the positive and negative, as does everything in our duality world, according to the dominant vibe we hold and give out.

I find imagery a great way to understand and heal disruptive influences and one way to visualize abundance is to see it as a dial with a needle springing from the centre, full negative to one direction, neutral state in the middle and full positive to the other.

With that in place, we can ask ourselves at any time, where is our dial right now? What is the general feeling we have about abundance and how it flows into our life? Abundance isn’t just about money, it is an experience that can apply to any aspect of life from time, health, love, joy, creativity. It applies to everything.

Abundance is more about being in the graceful flow of life so we can also ask, are we allowing ease into our life or are we blocking it?

If we are not experiencing the plentiful ease that comes with positive abundant flow, it is highly likely our vibe is limited by subconscious programming preventing the experience from manifesting.

It is said 95% of our reality is created through subconscious programs, so no matter what the 5% of conscious thought and intentions are, if we have a program in place setting the theme of an experience, that is what we will get. And even if we are able to push through that pattern through determination and perseverance, if we haven’t neutralised the program, we will eventually bounce back to the vibrational set point that program generates in the background of our life.

Subconscious programs are created through experience. They are a combination of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, memories and judgments that form our perception of the world. Sometimes they are inherited teachings, sometimes they are learnt through emotional experience and they constantly run in the background to guide us through what the subconscious believes is a safe passage through life.

However, what the subconscious believes is safe is not necessary what is relevant to who we are right now. The subconscious is resistant to change and so when we understand what programs are actually running within us, it is common to find fearful childhood experiences directing the experience we have as an adult.

There are many ways to dissolve subconscious programming but the intent is to neutralize the fear creating the pattern so we can change our vibrational set point to a more desirable experience. Techniques such as NLP, Tapping, Energy Healing and Meditation can help with this as can repetitive audio programs, music, affirmations and other tools. For some, the mental mind needs a story it can believe as the original cause of the program before it will release and dissolve it and so working with imagery and journaling is also hugely beneficial.

The core teaching we receive when we move to the other side of any self limiting pattern is that our natural state of being is one of peace, calm, joy, happiness and ease. This is when we feel most ‘right’, more in tune with our bodies and grateful for the gloriousness of life.

It is these feelings that create an abundant life. This is what it means to be in the natural flow of abundance and why it is true that abundance is our natural birthright. We were born this way, it is only through the experience of life that we have allowed ourselves to take on false limiting beliefs that have clouded our ability to see that truth.

Now, as the Diamond Light frequencies continue to flood in and empower our energy fields, shifting us into the Golden Age of the New Earth, we are being encouraged to dissolve our unconscious programming and rise up and remedy ourselves back to our inner truth as naturally abundant beings.

This is a dominant theme emerging in August. We are connected to the highest beings of creation and they are surrounding us with all the help we need.

We are being called to invite them in to assist our passage across the dimensional frequencies that reconnect us to the energetic impulses that link desire and manifestation. To work with the consciousness of wealth, the Golden ray, and place ourselves in the Gilded Portals of healing to assist our progress.

Abundance is Grace in action and it is available to all. And as we continue to move through our inner transformations, it creates a new trajectory propelling us into the realm of the infinite.




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