winter solstice

We are currently under the rays of the Full Moon and Winter Solstice, or Summer Solstice if you’re in the northern hemisphere, and it comes with the energy of sweeping change.

The Solstice is a turning point of sorts, where the pendulum of life over the last 6 months reaches its peak and begins to swing in a new direction. What was occurring last Nov/Dec is now reaching a point of transformation and depending on our own circumstances can elevate our path onto a significant new level or whole new outlook.

The last 6 months has felt very muchcrystalpendant like bulldozer energy, clearing the obstacles and blockages off the path. Simultaneously, the new Diamond frequencies have been finding their way through the gaps. Now our point of balance tips toward the Diamond Light, the ever evolving, expanding frequency of change.

But if we’ve been so used to being blocked it might be hard to see our path is clear. The mind could be filtering the vision by repeating what it expects to see rather than transmitting an updated perception of truth.

We have to ask the mind to match the new reality. Ask the body to rise up to the level of frequencies we are experiencing, right here, right now, at this pivotal moment of the Solstice.

Momentum is building as a new phase of experience gathers to manifest over the next 6 months.

We will see elements of this by the mid-point of the September Equinox but for now, we are encouraged to recognize what it is that’s trying to come through. What is it that’s wanting to be expressed and integrated as part of our lives? What is it that wants to be part of who we are? What is begging for change?

We each have our own story and we each have our own platform. As to how we emanate that essence of who we are into all we do is unique to our experience but is in that uniqueness, that reconnection with our creative and authentic self, our Divine Self, that brings through the magic of what these portals can offer.


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