moving past march

The last few weeks have taken us inward to the depths of our own personal development which has been both illuminating and challenging but not so good for outward expression. Personally it has felt like I have spent half of March asleep.

Now we have learnt that March brought through the highest frequencies of light that have ever entered the Earth’s sphere with the combined portals of the Super New Moon Eclipse, the Equinox, 2 comets that passed by Earth on 21 and 22 March, the Full Moon Eclipse and the rebirth energies over the Easter weekend.

According to Patricia Cota-Robles, these unprecedented waves of light are lifting the game even higher by sealing in the higher codes so that ‘never again will any particle of life on this planet be able to sink down to the discordant energies that existed prior.’

waveofloveIf you felt tired and unable to move over Easter, you were probably not alone. Sleep is essential for the integration of these new frequencies as it is when the mental body is resting and out of the way that Spirit and Soul can communicate, offering opportunities for our teams of benevolent beings on the other side to assist in our transfiguring process.

These new light waves bring through new information that talk to the DNA in our cells, recoding if you like, the way our bodies operate. While this is happening, we can feel out of sorts, exhausted and sleepy as it is very high vibrational coding the body is not used to. It is not unusual to sleep 11 or more hours and still feel the need for more.

As we move in to April, we can foresee this will be a time for embodying the new energy, allowing it to filter through the physical systems in ways that can change the way we live. This began with a huge opening on 31 March as the energy opened up with expansive and uplifting sensations full of rejuvenation and movement.

As things begin to shift and move forward, so too does the continuing dissolution and clearing of false beliefs and patterns that inhibit our higher purpose. This process is ongoing, constantly working in the background to balance out the newly incoming, infiltrating deeper and deeper into our systems until we wake up one day and realise something has shifted, something has changed. There is a difference in how we perceive and think.

These are journeys on the subtle realms. Not everything visible. Not everything is known. Most is occurring deep within our energetic fields but it is by getting in touch with the sensations our bodies provide and getting familiar with the patterns that communicate to us that we can trust in the process and believe in what we are experiencing.

Step by step, even if we can’t see where we’re going and have no idea where it’s leading, we can be sure we are heading somewhere that is perfectly right for our own journey.




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