new dawn rising

The Cosmic realms are highly active with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal and building of the September energies. The annual Lion’s Gate peaks on 8/8 and is activated by the Sun’s movement into Leo and the rising of the star Sirius at sunrise, aligning the new solar rays with the Sirius system and heralding what can be felt as a new dawn.

The portal began for me this year with a divine sensation of the rising of the wings on 16/7. 160716 carries the numerology of the mystical 777, resonating with spiritual enlightenment and advancement through the utilization of intuition and wisdom. An acknowledgement of divine guidance through the expression of our own unique gifts and talents in the highest possible way.

On that night as the clocked ticked over to 0.00am, I became aware the Rising of the Wings wingsrisingwas an Activator. A setting in motion, commencement. An acknowledgement, acceptance and allegiance to Divine Purpose.

In Purity and Grace, the energy was Reset.

Two days later more information came in describing what that divine purpose is. So simple and right, embellished with the blessings of enlightened creativity that support the movement of life into one that enhances, teaches and inspires others to actualize their own higher path through the grace of the illuminated heart.

It is in the simplicity of grace that we achieve many things. Grace is the stabilizer of the Diamond energies of Truth, Brilliance, Abundance and Magnetism. It encompasses the full spectrum in creation, development, receiving and gratitude. It is the essence that allows all to unfold in divine perfection and it is in that unfolding that the magical truth of our real existence begins to emerge.

With so much coming through the Lion’s Gate, it is a bringer of Cosmic Truth, encouraging us see what is rising to the surface of our own awareness for recognition and acceptance of all that needs to change for our physical lives to move into greater alignment with our spiritual missions.

This year it began with the 777, emphasizing Intuition and Wisdom as the way forward. Deep within, we already know our path and it is a matter of allowing ourselves to open up and let our internal guidance to lead the way.

2016 was tagged as the year of liberation and emergence and with wave after wave of empowering energy flooding in to shake up old patterns and beliefs, we have been activated to a whole new level of spiritual awareness. At times, we have been shaken to the core to see through the falshehoods that have shaped our life but in the integration of all that has come through, we are now beginning to see the transformation that comes with the embodiment of these cosmic gifts.

It is creating a radiance that is amplified through the Lion’s Gate. Emanating from the Heart of our cosmic partners, the message is to use the energy to enhance our body, our space, our life, our world.

It is saying to use the energy to enhance our destiny.

By igniting creative joy through sacred connection, the Sirian energies are supporting all that underlines the bringing of a new dawn.



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