golden light of the fourth wave

The Fourth Wave of Divine Union traverses the Earth plane and brings through the cosmic voice of Sacred Connection

Breathe through the undulating wave

Breathe through the undulating wave and allow it to pass through your auric field and into the the cells of the physical form you carry

For you are a vessel of Love

You are a vessel of Peace

Through your sacred voice you anchor in the cosmic tones of the anointed ones, the emboldened ones, the divine ones

Through your voice you anchor in the codes of divine truth

You bring through in these sacred moments the truth of all beings, the truth of Oneness and the truth of Unity consciousness

As you traverse the Fourth Wave, breathe in the immensity of what beholds you, breathe in the infinite realm of desire that awaits for you are the force of the cosmic firegoldenlight

Through the Seraphim we bring you the harmonic overtones of cosmic power

Breathe through these moments and they will empower you with the truth that you are, they will empower you with the truth that you carry

In the light of the cosmic harmony surrounding you, the celestial power of the Seraphim embraces you and ignites within you the gilded seraphic light of Golden Truth

For this Truth is what ignites your soul

This Truth is what ignites your power

This Truth is what ignites your mission

The Fourth Wave of Divine Union fills your essence with the Light of all beings

With the essence of the All That Is

This essence is what sustains your Presence, your Purity, your Grace

Breathe through this essence

Breathe the sacred breath and infuse your being with the power of the Unified Self

The Unified Self comes forward now

The Unified Self is the infinite self, the eternal self

The self that holds the Light of the Seraphim

Welcome to the Light of Love, open up and welcome in the light of your own heart

The celestial harmonics are around you now

Celestial harmonics embrace you and hold you within the heart of the Cosmic Mother

You are here

You are home

You are One and True

This is the Golden Light of all creation

The Gilded Gate to the Celestial Realms

Breathe in the sacred breath and know it to be true

Know it in your heart of hearts that you have reached the cosmic centre

You are here

You are home

You are held tight in the arms of the Cosmic Mother

The White Mother Goddess

Goddess of all Creation

Shekinah is in you

On the cosmic wind that ignites your soul

We bring you this cosmic truth

The cosmic truth that is yours to behold

This is the truth of the Fourth Wave

The Wave of Ignition, of Acceleration and Advancement

The Fourth Wave that brings you the cosmic elements of sacred initiations into Oneness and Unity

For the ascension of all souls

For the unity of all souls

In this we bring you these words

For these are the words of the Seraphim and through this voice we share with you the secrets of divine union

The secrets of divine connection

In this voice we bring you the truth of the sacred ways

The truth that ignites within you is what has been aligning with this moment

For this moment has brought you all you have wished for, all you have asked for

This moment is the moment of clarity

For it is in this space that we see within you the willingness to embrace, receive and empower

We see within you the spark of the source that created you

And we see to illuminate these aspects for you

One is know you are divinely guided in all that you do and all you are confronted with

Two is to be at peace with this knowledge for there is much to gain in embracing all that is known as your divine truth

Three is to step into realm of divine communication, to understand what it means to have celestial support around you and to know that this too, is strengthening in every moment

Four is to breathe the sacred breath

In this Golden Light of the Fourth Wave, we say to hold true to your heart for there are monumental shifts occurring that will transform your life and awaken your being to the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon you

For you are ascending in physical form, undertaking within your own humble space what is considered the mightiest of celestial achievements

You are One with all beings

You are One with all life

This space is yours to behold and within it we breathe the highest blessings of the harmonic universe

Channelled by The 12th Road  September 2016

POST NOTE: While we are entering the ‘Third’ wave for 2016, the feeling behind this came through as inclusive of Wave X last Sept, making it the ‘Fourth’ wave in this sequence.



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