spirit wings

Understanding who we are as a soul energy can sometimes be a life long work. Other times, it appears in an instant. In those calm, unsuspecting moments when a word, phrase or image emerges and a complete picture of all the fragments of truth suddenly falls together.

Right now we are being transformed from the inside out and these nuggets of truth are gelling faster than ever before. We are being given so much right now and the more we accept, the more we acknowledge, the more that pours in.

Each fragment is like a stepping stone to a grander truth. A link to a higher resonance of wisdom that has been waiting for the perfect moment to manifest. That moment is now. The treasure chest has opened and our spirit wings are growing.

spirit wingsThis year has been a catalyst for deepening the channels of reconnection, of guiding our embodied spirits back to our homelands, our true origins and pure soul essence. As the clouds of dense and misaligned energy fall away, we’ve created space for more of this benevolent energy to find us, to be held within us, creating a waterfall affect that’s transforming each of us in our own personal way.

These past few days has seen this energy amplified as grand openings activate the energy we somehow innately know as Home. The heart centre is magnified, clarity is rushing in. There is an uplifting sense of joyousness, indescribable feelings triggering our expansion and alignment into our divine light missions. Our true soul purpose.

Standing on the threshold of these new missions, there is a feeling of knowing something is about to unfold. Something personal to each of us, something that will in turn contribute to the greater good of all. As we hold appreciation for the beauty of how things can magically unfold, we are anchored into the authentic desires of our own hearts, our soul’s hearts and witness this lifting of the veils, this treasure chest of spirit.

A whole new journey has ignited as strands of illuminating light stream out to create a whole new platform on which to build this next phase of a more blended and integrated soul experience, finally giving freedom to our iridescent and luminous spirit wings.



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