living in parallel

As we embody these inflowing waves of Light, they are bringing with them the sense of being in 2 places at once. Of being here, while being there, of tapping into a parallel stream of existence being created simultaneously to the evolution of this one.

My sense is that with so much of what has been evolving now moving into the peripheral of our perceptions, time is nearing when these 2 realms will merge.

What this is instilling in us, is faith, trust and patience that all is moving as it should be. With the intensity of this entire year, the massive openings, epic shifts and huge releases, we are indeed moving into the unified power of our own selves, preparing for the eminent arrival of the brilliance that comes through owning our soul power, our worth, our value, our gifts and abilities.

paralleluniverseThe knowledge and wisdom we have brought with us to be activated through this galactic process is unfathomable but it is there and ready to be accessed. It is ready to be integrated into who we are becoming, to be emanated from our Hearts through our voice, our words, our music, our art, our ideas. It is coming through in whatever way we choose, whatever is aligned with our path, purpose and passion. Whatever is pulling at us right now in this moment.

This where we get to ask ourselves, what is it we truly want from this life? What is it that brings us the most joy? The most fulfillment? What is it that needs to change to allow this to come through? To be given space to be nurtured and massaged into the life changing process it has every opportunity to be? What is it that is burning inside? That brings tears to the eyes?

That’s the connection that’s streaming out right now. Streaming out in a cascade of all encompassing Light reflecting whatever is rising up just under the surface. We have to reach out and connect with it now, bring it to life knowing it is safe to show who we really are, to speak our truth and be who we came here to be. To open up our deepest parts to more of what will support us, of what is in alignment with our true path. To more authenticity, more autonomy, more creativity.

To be a true sovereign being means being in connection with our core truth at all levels. To embrace our interstellar knowledge and wisdom and allow it to support us in all ways. We already know how to do this, it’s intrinsic to our soul nature and it’s through our gifts and talents that it emerges. We don’t have to try and find it, it’s already there within us, waiting to flow out through the natural processes these Light waves are creating.

So with this understanding, we can come back to the feeling of being on the bridge of Light. Knowing we are both here and there and that whatever is tugging at us is exactly where we need to place our focus.


What we say to you here is to breathe in the light. Breathe in the light and know it will illuminate all you are seeking. The wisdom is in held in your body and is being released as your body acknowledges and allows it to.

This is the time for receiving all that is being generated for you. This is the time that is opening the wisdom channels for your advancement and progression into the expanding levels of consciousness waiting for you.

In doing this work you will bring these higher levels of wisdom into your being in a way that will shift your vibration to open up the knowledge and abilities of your wholeness, your beingness, your completeness.

It is as if you have parallel realities running side by side and at any point in time you can jump from one to the other. It is up to you whether you stay there when you do. 

Both exist simultaneously so when you are ready to stay in your truth, you will be empowered as if you had always been there.

It will bring to you the connections and understandings that will create the broader picture for you, enabling you to understand the meaning of all experiences you have so far embodied.



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