activating our bodies

Everything is changing around us. On a daily basis the New Earth frequencies can be felt intensifying through the energy we carry in our bodies. After the trajectory through Oct – Dec last year, we have moved into a completely new space in these early weeks of 2016 and it now feels as if we are operating from whole new platform.

To honour this process, we must also operate from a new space within ourselves. That is the purpose of Ascension. We are shaking off false realities. Anything that cloaked our Light and connection to the purity of our Eternal Self is falling away.

magentaraysWe are expanding into new perceptions of what is real and what is not.

For me personally, it is activating the core essences within me, prompting conscious choice and deeper awareness on how I live, how I present myself, how I spend my time, what I choose to eat, listen to and engage in.

All is ripe for transformation. All is being activated into Alignment and Union with my greater purpose and Higher Self. Melded into the current version of who I am right now. On this day, in this moment. I am hearing the words, ‘Slow Down and Unite’.

It’s said that we can unconsciously duplicate ourselves many times throughout lifetime. Creating different versions of ourselves to reflect the circumstances we are in.

Becoming present in our bodies, conscious of every moment, brings us back to our true self, the Eternal Self, the One that is in Unity with All That Is.

In consciously and continuously fusing with these energies, inviting Source Light to Stream Through Us, we activate the desire to embody Truth. Everything else falls away, strengthening our bodies, clarifying the mind. Empowering our Mission.

Activated bodies are powerful bodies. And these current light transmissions are our gift to move deeper into the knowings that unveil what has previously been hidden.



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