new moon new era

purple butterflyAs the first New Moon of 2013 draws near, the completion of the cycle from the last New Moon on Dec 13 comes to a close. To me this feels like the real start of the new year. It is the first New Moon of the New Era and brings closure of the cycle of energy of late December. This last month has been a period of emotional fatigue with the moment of transition finally coming to pass in what felt like an unusually quiet lull. Dec 21 was always held as a date of significance and yet leading up to the Solstice, I personally felt Dec 12 would carry higher energy and the influx of goodness that came through on that day was very real. But in the days that followed there was a jumbled mix of difficult and draining energy which for me continued right into early January. It seemed the 3 days of darkness was not so much a global ‘lights out’ but a lighting up of within to confront our own Shadow. The relentless clearing came with a feeling of sadness and left me feeling completely exhausted and empty with no energy or interest in anything. The sense of being invisible was apparent, like having a foot in both worlds while not actually being connected to anything in either place. Then there was the dizziness, the vertigo and the need to regularly eat, sleep and drink lots of water. It’s been challenging to navigate so it’s been with some relief to feel the energetic calm of recent days and despite the continual stripping back and ongoing cleansing, finally we have a chance to take a breath and ease into the first steps of this first year of the New Era. For the New Era has arrived. Our erratic climate in Australia is one thing but in the realms beyond our own physicality, there is change. Subtle change in our higher abilities. I’ve already experienced some notable psychic and synchronistic moments where the energy of manifestation has been almost immediate. I write something down, think or plan for something and then it or something related to it immediately appears or I tune into a place or even a person and then receive a message related to one or the other. It happened several times late last year and now 3 times in the past week and is a reminder to keep control of wandering thoughts as this new Energy moves fast. Something else I’ve enjoyed is the butterflies. Although it’s summer where I sit, they still seemed to have come out of nowhere and are constantly fluttering about my garden and outside my windows. Only yesterday I walked the clifftop path opposite my house and several flew straight into my head, right into my forehead or Third Eye area. Another did the same earlier on the beach. I see it as a message that the symbol of this New Era is Visioning. Whether it’s vision boards, vision questing or engaging through our Third Eye vision, visualize with intent from the Heart, or even better from the Theta state, and watch what happens.


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