swimming in circles

underwaterIt’s a hot night where I sit after a sweltering 41°c today. I have no air-conditioning but am enjoying the fans circling madly overhead and the warm evening sea breeze that occasionally makes it through my open doors. I have candles flickering inside and out and KD Lang is singing to me from a concert DVD as I move back and forth from my computer to the outdoor lounge. This is the start of the Australian summer and with a blast of heat also the start of this new year. Earlier tonight, I walked the 50 steps down the cliffs to the beach opposite my house and submerged myself in the sea water. I’ve been on a reorganizing bender this week, totally in tune with the Virgo Moon which has seen me completely rearrange my entire house starting with my home office space and living room through to kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor areas. The activity has been good for me as I’ve also been dealing with a heavy Chiron transit and any time spent still has immediately brought up old hurts and memories which is never easy to deal with. With so much healing already done it’s caught me by surprise that there’s still more in the newness of this new year. But as I floated in the sea, I was thinking about an email I received yesterday about becoming consciously aware of not swimming in circles. I’m quickly discovering this new year is beginning to feel like a Soulful year, a year of moving out of the mind and entering our own Heart space and it is for this reason that it’s our Heart centres that are being worked on. So although it can feel like a heavy start to the year, resisting this wave of cleansing will only leave us feeling like we are swimming over old ground. A life lived from the Heart requires the Heart space to be clear and free of old ways so with this in mind, I take a refill of my chilled wine and sit back in the stillness of this hot night and take in KD’s words.. “the punchline is I always swim upstream”.


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