lessons in light with master thoth

Breathe deep, dear one for the Council of Celestial Light is here to awaken within you the crystalline essences of which you are connected to. We wish to instill within you the awakened codes of remembrance to inspire and ignite within your own intuitive knowings the specifics of your soul heritage and divine mission.

On this day we bring you these words to illuminate within you the essences of truth to help you understand the nature of your true purpose. Open up and receive for all is now flowing to you in these divine light waves.

I Thoth, now move into your field and guide you toward these new sensations of unified light. Master Thoth, the illuminated guide in which you have embraced and embodied all divine truth, steps forth to advise you.

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my 8/8 message

The Light Council is with you now and brings you this message of completion, activation and advancement into a new level of experience that resides within the plane of enlightenment and illumination.

Open your eyes Dear One, for you have transcended the pattern of existence you have been entwined in and are now entering the next level where you will experience your calling of the divine wisdom of the ancient scrolls.

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