all about abundance

With the Full Moon illuminating the energies of August, the story is all about Abundance. We have everything to assist us with purifying, energizing and amplifying our understanding and acceptance of what it means to return to our natural state as abundant beings.

It is often said, Abundance is Your Natural Birthright, and yet that statement can feel empty to someone not experiencing abundance. When you are outside the abundance circle and surrounded by struggle and hardship, it can be hard to see or believe in the possibility of a natural flow of universal blessings.

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the shadow moon

dark full moonThe intensity of this next Full Moon is already building even though it’s still almost a week away and if we thought the full moons earlier this year were intense then this one is bound to be a doozy with the added charge of a partial Lunar Eclipse. This Full Moon is at 5 degrees Scorpio on 25 April and seems to be bringing with it the rise of uncomfortable feelings from the darkness within. I’m calling it the Shadow Moon as that’s how it’s feeling to me. It’s whipping up all kinds of energy that’s swinging from one extreme to the other, from deep darkness to the lightest bliss. Only as the days get closer, the darker passages are lasting longer, forcing us to sit with difficult emotions as these denser energies rise up into our consciousness and demand to be acknowledged and released. I’ve been watching these energies creeping in all week as I’ve already been sitting with a sense of unease, a slight rumble of discontent as I energetically adjust from the lightness of New Zealand back to a life of routines and responsibilities. It’s been a struggle to reground my energy here, feeling a little off kilter and disconnected as if the old groove no longer fits. These feelings have also come with a deep need to reassess everything around me from my daily routine to personal goals and household items. I’ve been on a purge, clearing out and renewing everything that no longer resonates. It’s been a tug of war between the old and the new, the real and the potential, the visible and the invisible. But Scorpio energy is one of transformation, where loss becomes nothing more than the first breaths of new beginnings and with the Eclipse season fast approaching, the only thing we can be certain about is that change is afoot. Eclipses usually bring in fateful events, forcibly so if we aren’t already in tune with our highest good, so as we move beyond our comfort zone and into the darkness of our own shadow selves, we can remember that on the other side of the moon lies great potential for new life.

mysteries in life

mirrorThe mystery of Paris comes and goes from my life. Although it’s been with me since childhood it’s taken some 40 years to understand it’s connected to a recent Past Life. When I was younger I naturally thought it was to do with this current life and often felt I was living in the wrong place. In my mind, making the shift from my Australian country upbringing to the tree lined boulevards of Paris was an easy one but despite visiting Paris in my 20s and having odd synchronistic meetings with various French people throughout my life, nothing ever came of it until the 10.10.10 when the first real wave of understanding of this mystery was given to me through a meditation. This happened during a difficult phase when I would unconsciously surround myself in all things French. Books, food, movies even decorative plates, glasses and lamps but I now understand these things gave me a sense of comfort that reached back to a Soul memory of a comfortable life lived long before this one. In recent months, this mystery has re-surfaced again after I made an impromptu move to a new town and stumbled upon another piece of the puzzle at an art show. I haven’t known what to do with this new information and let it slip to the back of my mind but on having another random conversation with yet another French person, it makes me wonder if these people pass through my life to encourage me to make the next step in reconciling these different aspects of my Self. Although it can feel a little unsettling to realize we only know a small portion about ourselves, this is part of the journey through this Great Shift as these new energies bring the gift of opportunity to step back and take in the big picture of our completeness and to retrieve our Soul memories from all our lifetimes and reconnect with who we truly are at our multi-dimensional core. So as I sit here with my French plate and wine glass and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, an appropriate film for celebrating our own nostalgic view of the glory of Paris, I’m putting it out there and say shine the Light on the codes of my own personal mystery and open up the Eternal memories of who I am and why I am here.

we are what we think

It’s commonly known our thoughts carry Energy. They are a powerful force of creation and when combined with the Cosmic mix of the Law of Attraction, Karmic forces and the chosen direction of our own Life Purpose, they can influence what presents itself to us in the guise of our daily life situation. But although this is commonly known it may not be truly understood until the experience of recognizing less than positive thought patterns occurs within our own life. And it’s not only our mind-based conscious thoughts sending out the signals, they can be subconscious too and this is where it can become complex as we could be consciously saying and thinking one thing but our subconscious can be sending out the opposite message. And typically, if a thought or belief is held within the subconscious it is likely to be connected to a strong emotion or past hurt and because of this intensity, will have a much greater power to override what’s in the conscious mind. This year has proven to be an Awakening for me in this area as for the past several years I’ve struggled with the same problems. I thought I was doing everything I could possibly do to make the conscious life changes to overcome these problems but relief never came. Or if it did, it didn’t last long. And even with regular meditation, affirmations and journal writing, I wasn’t able to get out of the pattern so one day, with growing frustration and desperation, I booked a random appointment with a Healer I didn’t know. She worked on me in 3 different sessions over 3 months and each time something deeply hidden would rise that I had no conscious awareness of. Betrayal, guilt, self punishment. Very strong and damaging beliefs to be carrying around in my subconscious. The technique she used was Theta Healing and through her intuitive skill, not only were these subconscious blocks finally healed and released but I also experienced my own epiphany of realizing where they had come from and how they had been sabotaging all my conscious efforts to move forward. I’ve now trained in Theta Healing and in the 6 weeks since my course I feel like a different person and truly believe that in the mix of Cosmic Energy that directs our life, it our own thoughts that hold the power. I already knew Energy Healing is a powerful tool but with those hidden blocks out of the way, my daily positive affirmations now have a chance to take affect. So much so and possibly with the added boost of helpful planets, I’ve already been able to overcome the biggest problem that’s held me back for the last 3 years.

losing the veil

We often speak of what lies beyond the Veil but the word Veil feels like a soft fabric that can be easily pushed aside if you’re looking for a clearer view and in our current reality it’s more like a wall than veil. It was deliberately set up this way for the benefit of learning without the prejudice of past memories but it’s always seemed odd to me that once we get an inkling of being part of something much grander, it’s still so hard to consciously move through the greyness. This veil of amnesia is a condition our Souls accept from birth. They arrive here knowing they will not remember their own Spiritual history but understand they will merge with the biological human to live out a chosen life experience. In this sense, each lifetime feels like the first and although the Soul always knows what’s in store for this life, the experience of being on this side of the Veil is more about forming a partnership, bringing together the Spiritual mind with the Human mind so the two may work together with the same intent of evolving towards greater wisdom. But this can be as simple or as complicated as there are variations in the individual human brain and it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. Some human minds are so caught up in the battle of their own fears they don’t allow space for their Spiritual energy but everyone is evolving at their own pace and as more people awaken to the light of their own Soul, the connection between the two worlds is strengthening. They say the density of the Veil will decrease as part of this current phase of Cosmic Evolution and that with the activation of our additional layers of DNA we will have greater power to consciously access what has previously been hidden. This could change humanity on an evolutionary scale but could very well take years beyond our own lifetime to come into effect. Even though evolution is speeding up no one really knows what the timescale of these changes will be or whether it will be gradual or sudden. The only thing that’s certain is that life on Earth will change and if the planet really is a classroom for Souls then it seems the windows are about to be pulled wide open.

the light lover

I’ve just completed training in ThetaHealing. This is a modality that uses a meditational Theta state to bring about physical, psychological and spiritual healing. It is a powerful process that works with the subconscious and conscious mind to release deeply held patterns, limiting feelings or beliefs or anything else holding back a person’s health and wellbeing. We witnessed some transformations within our small group and what we also witnessed was my own opening to the Light of Spirit. It was unexpected and sudden as I was midway through my first reading to connect with the Spirit Guides of another student but rather than find the Guides I channelled the energy of a long lost lover dramatically wanting to be reconnected. The Light Lover came through as a vibrant white-blue light with incredible luminosity, moving about erratically in several stages of intense colour and patterns while pulling and tightening at my Heart Chakra, eventually overwhelming me with such an intense feeling of Love that it made me cry and I had to stop the reading. The experience was so powerful that the person I was reading felt exactly the same sensations and colours I had witnessed through my own body. Once we recomposed ourselves and asked to continue the reading, the same dramatic light show came through again but the Light Lover was so desperate to connect that when an exceptionally intense burst of light broke through almost blinding my entire Third Eye vision it again overwhelmed me with more tears. The sense of Love we both experienced was incredible and if the Light Lover was ever trying to bring through a message for my fellow student it was certainly that she had once experienced a Love connection with another being that was unlike anything she has ever known.

truth in stillness

How often do we read that these are changing times. Or it could be challenging times, depending on our perspective. How we deal with change is an indicator of how we move through life’s challenges. We can either open our minds and see the situation from a different point of view or remain stuck in our old ways and hope things will return to how they once were. There’s no doubt some relief would be welcome after the intensity of the past 6 weeks but it’s unlikely things will ever be as they were. We are on a search for Truth now, looking for answers that will lead us towards our true Life Purpose, our own Authenticity and perhaps to our own Heart. But it can be difficult to see which way to go when the changes brought before us create endless noise and clutter whirling around our busy minds. Over-analyzing, worry and self-doubt all act like static on a radio, interfering with the clarity of our own sense of direction. And it seems the real challenge is not moving past whatever is in front of us but to take control of our own thoughts and reactions so as to overcome the emotional patterns that automatically come up from past experiences. It’s like reminding ourselves of the basic rules that help create a more peaceful environment rather than allowing ourselves to unconsciously descend into a chaotic one. That’s where I sit now. All the failings in my life have come up for review these past weeks, all pushing and pulling at me in different ways that did nothing but create exhaustion and disconnect me from stillness. But as the energy settles, I’m reminded that sitting with stillness is where true guidance is found and although it may not yet be possible for me to be so free of attachments so as to move through life’s changes without any emotional reaction, it is possible for me to take control of my thought patterns and to flow with the energy in a more positive way. So despite having to start over again with very little, I can dwell on what has been lost or I can choose to see this time as an opportunity where life is giving me a blank canvas, ready and waiting for the first strokes of inspiration.

patience dear one

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that life has its own pace. Despite what we consciously feel, think, dream or desire, everything happens to the tune of Divine Timing. Of course this can be extremely frustrating, especially when there is something in our life we desperately want to change, but that’s how it works. I laugh when I read the latest new age sellers trying to convince us that if only we use the Law of Attraction as our guide, everything we focus on will come to us. Sure it will, but only when the Universe is good and ready to provide it. And if it wasn’t written in the script for our current life, well who knows. The underlying rule to manifesting is that we have to be a vibrational match to whatever it is we are desiring. So if something isn’t coming as fast as we’d like, and accepting that it is part of our script, then it’s more than likely that an internal block is obstructing the connection. So despite all the positive energy we may be consciously putting toward it, if our subconscious mind believes we don’t deserve it, are not worthy of it or will never have it, then we are unknowingly sabotaging our own efforts. Becoming aware of what is actually blocking the path to what we desire is half the journey and investing in the healing of what may be long held patterns is worth every ounce of energy it takes. Through this work we can discover deeply hidden beliefs we didn’t know existed, let alone were influencing the outcomes of our life choices. And once we’ve done the work to acknowledge and release any pattern or belief that was keeping us from the very thing we desire, we are halfway towards receiving it.