moving past march

The last few weeks have taken us inward to the depths of our own personal development which has been both illuminating and challenging but not so good for outward expression. Personally it has felt like I have spent half of March asleep.

Now we have learnt that March brought through the highest frequencies of light that have ever entered the Earth’s sphere with the combined portals of the Super New Moon Eclipse, the Equinox, 2 comets that passed by Earth on 21 and 22 March, the Full Moon Eclipse and the rebirth energies over the Easter weekend.

According to Patricia Cota-Robles, these unprecedented waves of light are lifting the game even higher by sealing in the higher codes so that ‘never again will any particle of life on this planet be able to sink down to the discordant energies that existed prior.’

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beginning of the becoming

The end of another year approaches

Looking back at the extremes of experiences that have come through

Huge healing processes have been underway since August

So much has fallen away

So much has come forward

universe moves usLife is forever changing

In its own timeline

One of the strongest messages this year was to consolidate

Decluttering all kinds of things

Coming back to the core essentials


Without depleting ourselves in the process

2016 feels more about renewal

Liberation and emergence

Illumination of soul desires

Acknowledging what we really want

Who we really are

In a truer sense than ever before


We’ve been dancing for a long time

Now it is beginning

The beginning of the becoming

Breathing in


To liberation by the Light


Wishing Everyone an Empowering New Year

gateway to stillness

buddhamistThe current energies are encouraging stillness, pulling back into our quiet space and tuning into our own vibrations, our own story and our own feelings.

It can feel like we are moving through a prolonged void, an emptiness that is quietly doing its thing. A steady release of the old while little of the new is coming forward. It may bring up uncomfortable feelings, discomfort and tiredness. But we are not alone in this or doing anything wrong. We are simply not used to this kind of space.

We are used to being full, busy and consumed with moving on our path. But this is new. The levels of sleep needed to anchor in these energies are showing us that. Some days we are flattened as we need to be still to allow the changes to come through. We are being given time to integrate and acknowledge what our bodies are undergoing. It is a natural part of moving from the external back to the internal, back into ourselves.

The shift is well and truly underway now, bubbling away in the background, guided by an energy that exists beyond the comprehension of the mind. Our Hearts already know everything will be ok. Any unease arises from the mind not leading life in the way it has in the past. Things no longer come together the way they used to. And while we hover mid-stream, there may not even be anything tangible to replace all that has been left behind.

But we can sense how much we’ve changed. We are not the person we once were. We may not even identify with who we were before. It seems common to wake up some days and not relate to anything around us.

The energy surges in constantly now, shifting and changing, moment to moment. We engage, we integrate, we rest. No one really understands what’s happening beneath our skin, within the invisible realms of our bodies. We may not even understand it ourselves but we know things will never be as they were. We will never be as we were.

There is only one direction on this journey and it’s towards our Hearts, our Soul and the Source. Expanding as the energy and our bodies allows us. Just like breathing in and breathing out. And waiting in the silence between breaths.



spiritualreflectionsIf nothing else, our growing awareness of the Ascension process teaches us to be philosophical about life.

There is so much more to our existence here on this planet than we fully understand and even when we think we are getting close to the true nature of Universal energies, something changes to show us that the only thing we can ever be sure about is that it continually expands. We never reach the end for whenever we integrate what’s put in front of us, we only open up to more of the unknown.

The goal posts of life keep moving.

This is my current perception and as I keep telling myself, it can either be exhilarating or exhausting, depending on where you place your focus. But for those who have been living on the edge of these moving goal posts for years now, it can bring on acute weariness for it takes enormous emotional and psychological energy to continually live with uncertainty, to see purpose in the invisible and openly embrace the unknown.

It’s been said that the only way out is through and once we embark on this journey there is no going back. In any case, if we are on it at all we can be sure that it is part of our Soul Purpose to be doing this work, that no matter how dire we may feel, we are contributing our Light to the evolutionary transformation that is occurring within our world.

We can see this reflected in our own lives through the acceleration of time. Our energetic beings are accelerating with it and so something that may have seemed like a reasonable fit in our physical lives in the recent past may now no longer satisfy us. We have shifted onto something else only we didn’t see it happening.

We don’t see evolution, we feel it.

And typically, it’s only once it has penetrated our energetic beings and we’ve physically integrated the new information that we get a sense that anything has happened at all. Our subtle energies are very busy in the higher realms and yet it can seem as if we’ve been left to fend for ourselves when we’re not in touch with them.

Our collective airwaves must be bursting with energetic communications these days for there are so many questions within the mechanics of this process and no doubt, all the relative answers also milling about. Connecting with the right ones is a task we can practice but when immersed in the depths of being unplugged it can all seem like quagmire.

But if one thing is certain it’s that Light is forever changing. It never remains constant and even in the darkest, dimmest days, there is always a flicker of hope available somewhere to fill our hearts and restore our faith. It is a journey with no end but we are not in this alone.

Someone, somewhere, is always watching over us.


lessons from an aquarian

aquariusThis week’s Aquarian New Moon, the rare and second New Moon for the month of January, coincides with a line up of major planetary alignments that are setting up the energy for major change. As this energy intensifies, we are being encouraged to use these new beginnings to do things differently, to break the mould and stand strong in our own power. Aquarians are known as the free thinkers of the zodiac, bearing knowledge from our urns and so as this current chapter in my life comes to a close, here are 7 lessons my own Aquarian soul has learnt over the last 7 years:

1. Believe.  Believe in yourself for you are your own power source. We are all born with the same abilities to create whatever we dare to dream and by learning how to uncover the deeper patterns that direct our life situation we can begin to deconstruct the barriers we’ve created and free ourselves to express our true and full potential.

2. Can’t.  There is no can’t. As I began to understand the true nature of our existence within the human body, I applied the teachings I was learning and failed, picked myself up and tried again. With persistence, patience and focussed determination, we will succeed in this game of co-creation.

3. Solitude.  Alone time is to be embraced for this where the true treasure of life can be found. Keep life simple, merge with the stillness and you will hear it speak back to you.

4. Magic.  The whole world is full of magic and when we think of how we exist in these bodies, on this planet, in this star system, in this galaxy, we can see we are magical creations ourselves intertwined with the limitless energy that is the magic of nature and the All That Is.

5. Mind.  The mind is a powerful energy source that needs constant monitoring. Every thought sends out an electric charge into the magical energy of the All That Is. Don’t let the mind wander, make every thought count. Mastering the mind is the key to creating and living our true and full potential.

6. Heart’s Desires. These are the true nuggets of gold in this world. Listen to your Heart for it knows exactly why we are here in this life. Let it guide you in your life’s work and you will be rewarded with the pleasures that can only come from living in alignment with mind, body and soul.

7. Love.  There is nothing more comforting than the lasting connections of like-minded friendships and true love partnerships and yet the greatest love of all is the one you can give to yourself. When we open our Hearts to the depth of feeling we hold within our bodies to experience joy for no other reason than for the love of ourselves and all we entail, there is a new experience of love available that transcends anything we have ever known.

books to change your life

booksIf you are like me and starting off the new year with a pile of new books, here are my favourite reads from the growing collection of metaphysical books stacked up in my house. Although several others would easily find a place in equal 4th, such as Drunvalo’s Serpent of Life, Patricia Cori’s Starseed Dialogues, Lucy Cavendish’s The Lost Lands and Annette Noontil’s The Body is the Barometer of the Soul. The books below are ones that have left an indelible imprint on my life by opening up a whole new way of thinking and more or less propelled me into a new and expansive understanding of the true nature of the world we live in. These are the books that have changed my life.

Journey of Souls

This is an amazing read for anyone searching for the meaning of life and particularly what occurs in the space in between lives. Through the transcripts of Dr Michael Newton’s hypnotherapy sessions, the stories in this book provide detailed explanations of the intricacies of the Soul and how it merges with the human body as well as a broader understanding of how we select our life experiences and are programmed to recognize our life purpose and Soul connections.

Kryon Book 12

All of Kryon’s work as channelled by Lee Carroll is mind expanding and yet this book provides a broader view of our real cosmic life and the changes taking place within our world that are now leading us into this new life of heightened experiences as the reconnection of our 12 strands of DNA progresses. Kryon’s voice is always light and easy and even in these detailed and informative descriptions of the 12 layers of DNA, there is always love and humour emanating from the page.

the 2 Barbara’s

Not being able to separate these 2 enlightening books that present a different take on similar material, Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak and The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow extend the cosmic view of our world even further with information channelled from the Pleiades over 20 years ago that remains highly relevant to what we are experiencing today in these early years of the new cycle. These books provide their take on the true history of Earth and what we can each do ourselves to master the systems of the human body and step into our new lives as co-creaters of the new cosmic reality.


dandelion in lightThese times are deepening into a sense of being nowhere. Hovering somewhere between the old and the new. It feels like the wrong place and yet it is the only place. It is the place of transition. A slow free fall into the unknown. A burst of Love energy from the 11/11 portal pushed us further into soul expansion and yet the Full Moon brought on more grief, more purging and release. I acknowledge these feelings and observe the ebb and flow of energy as it surges and recedes over the days that follow. There is very little grounding left under my feet and yet there is nowhere yet to go. Nowhere to move. My mind takes me back over the years to see if anything could have been different but that is pointless energy so I stop the thoughts and come back to the hovering. Birds catch my attention in my garden and butterflies hover with me as they bounce from flower to flower. A bright orange rose has blossomed. There is warmth on my skin and breeze in the air and I wish the wind would carry me away. There are so many things to be done. Places to be. So much to give to those in need. But I’m unable to move. I watch as others find their new footing and make progress into new arrangements and it feels like I’m last in line. Lost in the long queue of being granted space to be. I wonder how long the patience will last when the patience has long run out. I breathe more. I call for that Heart energy to return, to replenish and nourish and dissolve this bubbling restlessness. It’s only time and what is that anyway. It’s not what it used to be. Then in comes relief with another surge of Higher energies as we shift up once again. I feel it pass through me and I know everything will be ok. It makes me happy knowing we’re all connected to this ever changing cycle of events even as it flows in whatever way it does. It makes me hungry and I can’t stop eating. I’ve never had such an appetite or drunk so much water. I should be a fish. But with light-headed and dizziness, I know something is up. Something’s building. It’s been building for months. So I breathe deeper for this is how it is. This is hovering between worlds.

we have arrived

ArrivalI don’t think anyone really knows what I’ve been through over the past 7 years. Much of it has passed in silence and in long periods of solitary isolation. It’s been like a Vipassana experience only there’s no returning to friends and family afterwards. It continues day after day. Solitude challenges you and maybe that’s the point. I was born with a strong mind and this is what it’s taken to overcome it. To master it. But I know my mind is not my weakness as it’s precisely its ability to absorb and process new concepts that’s become my strength. It occurred to me recently I was supposed to ‘wake up’ to my soul purpose over a decade ago but it didn’t happen and so it’s been a case of rapid catch-up, particularly over the past 4 years, where my Ascension experience has taken me through several initiations of spiritual energy before I even fully understood what was happening. I can see now the solitude has created the space needed for this advancement to occur, even at the expense of a ‘normal life’, so I could be exactly where I am right now in this very week. This is an extraordinary time bringing the Pisces ‘Harvest’ full moon, the Venus-Saturn-North Node conjunction, Pluto moving direct and the September Equinox. There is a gateway opening now that’s pushing us to be all we came here to be. A rebalancing within ourselves where Soul and Ego energies acknowledge each other and our feminine and masculine energies find their equilibrium. It is a week where fate and destiny are at play, where we are being called to walk the Earth in acceptance of our own power and our own gifts. As a Pleiadian Soul awakening to her Lemurian past, I can now see my role as an Energy Healer who, like many others, is here to help the passage of Gaia and her people into the energy of the 5th Dimension. But you can’t empower others until you understand yourself and so this past 7 years has been a journey of facing my own pain and sorrow. They say only sadness can open the Heart and there’s no arguing my Heart is wide gaping open. But this year, the energy has been different. I came home in tears one night in late January to a voice telling me to go to New Zealand. I ignored it but it persisted so I booked a trip for Easter not knowing what to do and when I found myself with the opportunity to be personally guided onto Aotearoa’s most sacred site, Te Miringa Te Kakara, it was clear this was not just a pretty sight-seeing tour. A month later I was at Uluru, the most sacred power site on our own land and a few days after returning home I experienced a significant energy opening that connected me to the channel of my Pleiadian Soul who then directed me back to NZ again to Piha Beach, another sacred location, where I experienced a further energy opening under the rays of the first Sirian Merkabah and Lion’s Gate stargate. Spirit clearly has a sense of humour sending me to Lion’s Rock for the Lion’s Gate and then to the Blue Mountains for the Blue Moon but follow the guidance I did and now today I find myself in a lush and fertile mountain valley in Northern NSW. As I sit here under a clear moonlit sky, with the Pisces full moon in the east and Venus and Saturn in the west, I can see the magic of it all. This feels like heartland country, if ever there was a place and it makes perfect sense to be here now. It’s time. This week is breakthrough energy. This is where something shifts, where we fall a little deeper into the mystery of life. And we will be different for the experience as this is what Ascension does. It pushes and pulls at us, at times it even squeezes the life out of us. But it changes us. It makes us see ourselves for who we really are. Our Souls are with us now, encouraging us to walk tall and proud over that Rainbow Bridge, saying yes, this is me and this is what I’ve been through to get here. It’s knocked me down but I got up again. I may have a wide open Heart but I’m no longer hanging off the edge of life. I’m right here. I have arrived.