healing in nature

the12throadqldnpOver the past week I have been away in North Queensland camping out in nature with my dear friend in stunning National Park rainforests. We have been travelling light, sleeping out in the open with limited resources but with the ongoing chorus of birds, frogs, bats and the odd shower of rain on our canvas canopy, we’ve been mostly lying awake under the bright moonlight of what has been building up to this Aries Full Moon.

This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees on the Aries-Libra axis and marks the start of the next eclipse season which brings in a 2 week portal between the Lunar and Solar eclipses that has the potential to create significant and unexpected change.

The Aries-Libra energy highlights the Me vs Us theme, bringing forth situations that prompt us to find balance in relationships with those closest to us. We can find ourselves simultaneously craving our own space while yearning for intimacy or learning to express what we feel while respecting the needs and wants of the other.

For me, this Eclipse falls across my Ascendant/Descendant axis over the 1st and 7th houses. It is the perfect example of how the energy can manifest and a timely opportunity to be exploring the desire for freedom and connection in these early days of life with a new partner.

But there is so much happening in the cosmic skies at the moment it could also be feeling like sensory overwhelm. Eclipses are powerful events in their own right but these coming weeks bring a series of big alignments involving Uranus with a conjunction on the Eclipse followed by a Sun-Uranus opposition, a Venus-Pluto alignment and a Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

It would be an understatement to say this energy has the potential to deliver exciting changes and transformations that could very well be unexpected and unpredictable. At this stage of the year it seems almost anything could still happen and probably will.

So while we can bring our awareness onto the situations this energy is highlighting for us, it is also important to counterbalance the intensity with time in the natural environment. Nature itself is the neutralizer for all energy and time out in pristine forests and waterways, enjoying the simple pleasures of life with like-minded companions enables the highest stream of clarity to emerge.

Life is teaching us right now that to find that place of peace and balance within our relationships, we must first find peace and balance within our own self for the world around us is merely a reflection of all we have created within ourselves.





we have arrived

ArrivalI don’t think anyone really knows what I’ve been through over the past 7 years. Much of it has passed in silence and in long periods of solitary isolation. It’s been like a Vipassana experience only there’s no returning to friends and family afterwards. It continues day after day. Solitude challenges you and maybe that’s the point. I was born with a strong mind and this is what it’s taken to overcome it. To master it. But I know my mind is not my weakness as it’s precisely its ability to absorb and process new concepts that’s become my strength. It occurred to me recently I was supposed to ‘wake up’ to my soul purpose over a decade ago but it didn’t happen and so it’s been a case of rapid catch-up, particularly over the past 4 years, where my Ascension experience has taken me through several initiations of spiritual energy before I even fully understood what was happening. I can see now the solitude has created the space needed for this advancement to occur, even at the expense of a ‘normal life’, so I could be exactly where I am right now in this very week. This is an extraordinary time bringing the Pisces ‘Harvest’ full moon, the Venus-Saturn-North Node conjunction, Pluto moving direct and the September Equinox. There is a gateway opening now that’s pushing us to be all we came here to be. A rebalancing within ourselves where Soul and Ego energies acknowledge each other and our feminine and masculine energies find their equilibrium. It is a week where fate and destiny are at play, where we are being called to walk the Earth in acceptance of our own power and our own gifts. As a Pleiadian Soul awakening to her Lemurian past, I can now see my role as an Energy Healer who, like many others, is here to help the passage of Gaia and her people into the energy of the 5th Dimension. But you can’t empower others until you understand yourself and so this past 7 years has been a journey of facing my own pain and sorrow. They say only sadness can open the Heart and there’s no arguing my Heart is wide gaping open. But this year, the energy has been different. I came home in tears one night in late January to a voice telling me to go to New Zealand. I ignored it but it persisted so I booked a trip for Easter not knowing what to do and when I found myself with the opportunity to be personally guided onto Aotearoa’s most sacred site, Te Miringa Te Kakara, it was clear this was not just a pretty sight-seeing tour. A month later I was at Uluru, the most sacred power site on our own land and a few days after returning home I experienced a significant energy opening that connected me to the channel of my Pleiadian Soul who then directed me back to NZ again to Piha Beach, another sacred location, where I experienced a further energy opening under the rays of the first Sirian Merkabah and Lion’s Gate stargate. Spirit clearly has a sense of humour sending me to Lion’s Rock for the Lion’s Gate and then to the Blue Mountains for the Blue Moon but follow the guidance I did and now today I find myself in a lush and fertile mountain valley in Northern NSW. As I sit here under a clear moonlit sky, with the Pisces full moon in the east and Venus and Saturn in the west, I can see the magic of it all. This feels like heartland country, if ever there was a place and it makes perfect sense to be here now. It’s time. This week is breakthrough energy. This is where something shifts, where we fall a little deeper into the mystery of life. And we will be different for the experience as this is what Ascension does. It pushes and pulls at us, at times it even squeezes the life out of us. But it changes us. It makes us see ourselves for who we really are. Our Souls are with us now, encouraging us to walk tall and proud over that Rainbow Bridge, saying yes, this is me and this is what I’ve been through to get here. It’s knocked me down but I got up again. I may have a wide open Heart but I’m no longer hanging off the edge of life. I’m right here. I have arrived.

the moon of revelations

arcdetriompheFive years ago I discovered I am on a life journey with a road map of 12 roads. For whatever reason my Soul chose a life of 12 different roads I’m not sure but it’s my blueprint and nothing can change that path. I might delay the journey or take a side excursion here and there but eventually Cosmic forces shunt me back on track to continue down the roads set out for me. I’ve never known where or when these roads will appear and it’s been exhausting at times trying to keep up with them but I’ve known for several years that I had reached the 11th and therefore, the 12th road was looming somewhere near. This year, the Year of Full Moons, as Kryon aptly names it, has been intense with continuous floods of Light shaking up stagnant energy and through deepening meditations I’ve been guided to take solo journeys to different locations at each Full Moon to hold and anchor the energy coming in. At first I was unsure of how to interact with these sites but in each location, with only my intuition as a guide, I experienced a transformative healing or Cosmic opening that’s further awakened my connection to Source energy. On this recent Blue Moon, I was in the Blue Mountains, a joke I thought at first, but while sitting in Sydney Airport waiting for my return flight, a wave of energy went through me that released an emotional flow of personal revelations. I had a moment like in the movies, where I withdrew into total stillness while the busy airport whirled around me and it suddenly became clear my 12th road was calling. It was like the veil had finally been lifted, bringing a strong sense of clarity that everything I’ve been through over the past 25 years or so has provided me with the richness of experience needed to navigate this 12th road. The power of the Lion’s Gate stargate opening has been immense and this new energy is being triggered again this weekend with yet another influx of new Light coming our way to further anchor us into these new spaces. I’m still getting visions of a roaring Lion inviting me through that open doorway and with it are imprints of international sites that speak to me in sacred ways. I have always believed openings can occur when we allow ourselves to surrender to the unknown and these Full Moon journeys have shown me we are all unique energies who have come here for unique reasons. There is something to be said for Divine timing and it feels like the time has now come. Under the lingering rays of this unique Blue Moon we are being gifted a loving hand direct from the Cosmic Heart to help find the road that leads to our Soul purpose. Signposts can appear anywhere so why not in the middle of a busy airport. It seems right for a message that sacred journeys and mystical places will form an enriching part of my long awaited 12th road.

sextiling at piha

12throadPihaIt makes me smile to think I’ve flown across the Tasman Sea to go to the beach in the middle of winter. But it’s not just any beach. I’m at Piha Beach, the secluded jewel on the west coast of Auckland. I had to abandon my visit to Piha on the last visit to New Zealand due to car trouble and I now realize I wasn’t meant to experience Piha then as it would’ve been a rushed visit en route from the north of Auckland to the central part of the island. But this time I am here specifically and have 2 days of freedom to explore the area’s black sand beaches, majestic rock formations and walking tracks along the headlands and coastal forests. When I was guided to come here on these exact dates about 6 weeks ago, I didn’t know of the astrology that would be occurring at the time but I have arrived in the middle of the Grand Sextile, the double Trine bringing the rare energy of earth and water together to form a 6 pointed star configuration. This alignment is an amazing gift of opportunity as it also represents the sacred geometry of the Merkabah, the light body that surrounds each of us. And given the purpose of my journey was to work on my own light body, there is no coincidence that I am experiencing this alignment in one of the most magical and light infused places on the North Island. The energies here are extraordinary, emanating all around from within the distinctive rugged rocks and wild seas to the gentle fern forests and flowing waterfalls. It is Feminine in its essence and Lemurian in its heart. This is where Source energy meets Gaia, where Spirit and Earth come together and it is when this convergence of energy fills the Heart centre that it becomes possible to burst open the power of creation. I am overwhelmed by the fertile energies here, the beauty in merging the Physical and the Spiritual. To sit and breathe with these landscapes is simply the most purest form of natural healing.

new horizons

walking in sandThe stop/start movement of energy this year is almost teasing us with the potentials of what is waiting to connect with us. We’ve been given glimpses of what lies ahead and some days it’s even appeared with such clarity that we’ve been able to feel the experience being part of something completely new and expansive. But this new energy has not yet fully anchored into our world, or we have not yet anchored into it, and so it drifts away and we fall back to wait for the next pulse of energy to push us forward again. While this ongoing process still requires more releasing of old limitations, there is a clear sense now that we are touching new horizons. There are new connections waiting to manifest in our space and it is up to each of us to hold our energy in the highest and purest state ready for the next influx. August is setting up for being a month of just that and so it’s no surprise to find myself being pulled back to New Zealand to close off the month with a 3 day immersion in the amazing energy of this special place. This expedition is a very personal one, a solo journey of faith and trust in following the guidance being received. There has been much communication from the higher realms these past weeks and the messages from beyond the beyond speak of embarking on a new path. It is time to open our Hearts to the new world, to allow the expansiveness of new possibilities guide the way even if we are unsure where it’s all leading. It is time to surrender to the cosmic flow, to enable our bodies to fill with the light of remembrance and to truly believe there is more to this life than we currently perceive.

Blessed in the Human Being that remembers the bigger picture that they cannot yet see ~ Kryon

desert kiss

12throadvalleywinds As the winds of change flow in today, I find myself in the Valley of the Winds, deep within the domed rock formations of Kata Tjuta, also known as the The Olgas. Located about 25kms west of Uluru, this group of domed rocks is connected to the geology of Uluru with both these ancient landmarks dating to around 600 million years ago. Kata Tjuta is spectacular in its own right and holds a very different energy. While Uluru is a single monolithic rock formation, Kata Tjuta consists of 36 domed rocks with narrow chasms opening out to wide valleys. And with recent rains, the Valley of the Winds was alive with native grasses, wildflowers, small creeks and a waterfall. But the energy of the place is not only in the landscape but also in the enormous rocks themselves. Towering around the perimeter of the valley, the scale of the rocks is incredible as they enclose and protect while their red ochre surfaces reflect a soft pink glow in the afternoon light. Kata Tjuta is a sensitive Men’s site for the local indigenous people and yet the energy there today was of the Feminine. From the wispy clouds dancing overhead to the curved forms of the domes themselves, there was a tangible energy of Love emanating from these formations and they were ready to greet with their friendly smiles, kisses and intertwining forms. I entered the valley around the time of the Lunar Eclipse and as the colour of the rocks deepened and the pink light grew stronger, my Heart energy began to rise. The energy forms in these rocks were vivid and towards the end of the rocky path a wise old face appeared. The influx of energies coming through this Eclipse were centred on healing our relationships and it would seem it’s not only relationships with people but also our connection with Mother Earth. Gaia and all the energies surrounding her are reaching out and it felt as if past, present and future could all come together in this one very special place.

[Note: The image used on my post Discover. Build. Share. is an aerial of the Kata Tjuta formations]

buddha at the rock

12throadUluruIt’s been an intense time leading into this Sagittarian Full Moon however, I have somehow managed to fulfil a strong inner push to experience this special Wesak Full Moon at the extraordinary site of Uluru/Ayers Rock in outback central Australia. Wesak is celebrated each year in May as Buddha’s birthday and is thought to be a time when the veil between the physical and the spiritual is at its thinnest. But this year, this special Full Moon is strengthened by a Lunar Eclipse, the final eclipse to close off this current season, a series of intense cosmic alignments that serve to push us further towards our own ongoing transformation as well as the arrival of potent New Earth energies across 12 sacred sites over the planet. One of those locations is here at Uluru and today it’s been an incredible experience to welcome in the energy of both the sunrise and the moonrise at this magnificent site. It’s been with much interest that I’ve been following the Metatron chanellings on the New Earth energies flowing into Earth over this weekend. These energies carry the frequency of rebirth, the ultimate renewal, as they disseminate the Codes of Remembrance to those who respond to the call to take part in their anchoring. This clarion call is often received on the higher planes of our existence. It is a pull, a knowing, a connection, a welcoming. An awakening to a deeper resonance that leads us toward our Higher Purpose. It is Heart energy communicating with Heart energy across the ethers, all working together for One purpose, to pull in and share the wisdom emanating from these sacred portals. Archangel Metatron calls 2013 Year One. It is the beginning of conscious co-creation of our new reality. But to embrace conscious living we must also be ready for conscious learning. In this sense, it is also a big year for self exploration. There is no turning back on the path of Awakening so as we open to more Light we must also open to more Solitude as it is within the deeper discovery of Self that we make the true breakthroughs. This is where the magic lies, the place where we can tune in and hear the call of our Soul. And what better time to reach out to the Higher Realms than here and now under the white rays of Buddha’s moon. We all have this energy in our Heart. Mine has led me here but we can all tap in and experience it in our own way for Awakening is only a willingness to travel the path of Self-Mastery and it ourselves who are leading the way.

a gift from gaia

tree heartI didn’t get to read much of Drunvalo’s book during my recent trip to New Zealand but managed to get through a large chunk of it during the return flight home. What a magical book it is, full of stories of synchronicity and psychic insights while underlying the significance of transforming the energetics of the planet during this progression into Unity Consciousness. But whether it’s on the global scale of Drunvalo’s work or just within the context of the local neighbourhood, all the work we do in raising our own vibration or helping others to clear, heal and raise their own, benefits the process. We are all in this together and it’s happening around us whether we are aware of it or not. Whether we believe in it or not. But it’s when we do become conscious of the energy around us that the true magic of spiritual happenings begin to appear. I remember on my first visit to NZ several years ago having several experiences that really started to make me wonder. One was when I was driving up the east coast of the South Island. I was following a truck and had just moved out across the lanes to overtake it when a large rock, golf ball size, came flying out from under its wheels and was headed straight for my face. I remember taking my hands off the steering wheel in fright and crossing them in front of me to protect myself, expecting the windscreen to smash, but somehow the rock bounced right off the glass and disappeared. I was shaken up (especially because I hadn’t taken out the additional hire car insurance!) but when I pulled over there wasn’t a crack, chip or even a scratch on the window. I couldn’t even tell where the rock had hit and I was forever grateful for whoever was protecting me that day. In another instance a few days later I had a spare day while at the top of the South Island and was playing with a crystal pendulum over a map to decide where I should go for a day trip. My mind had chosen a particular place I thought sounded interesting but the pendulum kept pointing to a different place. So I took the advice of the crystal and travelled to this other seaside town and when I got there I found a small curved beach with a headland point at one end with a small island just beyond it. But when I walked to the opposite end of the beach and climbed the steps up to a viewing platform, I remember losing my breath a little as I suddenly felt the distinct odd feeling of already knowing this place as the view from the platform was one that had appeared in a dream some weeks earlier. This recent trip to NZ has brought about a different kind of magic. The magic of tuning into the spirit of the land. Of communicating with Gaia. The natural beauty of NZ is obvious to anyone who visits yet the subtle energies residing within the natural landscape may be missed by some. I always feel a strong connection to the land in NZ but this trip came with a special purpose and in reaching out energetically to the places I visited I quickly became aware that the subtle energies weren’t so subtle. They pulled at me everywhere I went and so it was no surprise to read that the Maori name for Bridal Veil Falls, the very last sacred place I visited, is Waireinga, meaning leaping spirits. The native forest leading into these falls is rich with beautiful energies and after the incredible sight of the 55m waterfall I was walking out feeling humbled and grateful for such a beautiful end to an amazing journey. In extending my gratitude out to the land as I walked, I felt the urge to place my palms on each tree trunk and as I did so, each tree revealed its own face to me. They say the forest is believed to be spiritually occupied by Patupaiarehe (Maori fairies) who are kaitiaki (guardians) of the area and if so, they provided me with a wonderful gift of a tree heart right at the end of the path. True, it was there for all to see but of all the people visiting the falls that day, not one stopped to notice. When I woke early on the morning I was flying out, I came out of a dream with a strong vision of my energy curved around the ball of the Earth that was NZ, connected to it by a cord of Light extending out from my Solar Plexus. A fitting end to an inspired journey and a clear message that I am sure to be returning again soon.