discover. build. share.

the OlgasAs we move towards the final eclipse next Friday, this ever-changing energy has us all over the place. I write a post one day and it seems irrelevant the next such is the movement we are experiencing now. But when I look back over my own path these past 3 weeks, it seems I have travelled far. Last month already feels like last year, so great is the distance between what was then and what is now. It’s almost like a disconnect from what has been and in some ways it could be. Several weeks ago I kept seeing stories about ‘walk-ins’. A spiritual term for when a Soul moves into an already developed host body. That is, the original Soul agrees to leave a body to allow a new Soul to take over. An unusual occurrence but one that is known to occur when a specific purpose is to be achieved. The energy of these recent weeks can in some ways feel like this only it’s not a new Soul coming through, it’s a higher frequency of our own. An upgrade of power from the Higher Self. For it is Soul energy that is directing the way now, pushing us further forward into this new world of Truth and Authenticity. It can feel all together unsettling and invigorating not knowing where your feet might land and yet there is a clear message being drummed into me. The words are Discover. Build. Share. It is about embracing what’s being offered with a sense of discovery while remaining focussed on building the dream and open to sharing our expanding knowledge and abilities with a kind and benevolent Heart. I started this eclispe season with a weekend of further training in Theta Healing. In the days leading up to the Scorpio Eclipse, I felt a very strong pull to be in outback Australia and during a very deep meditation on the first night, the day of the eclipse, a group of tribal people appeared to me pulling me in and welcoming me into their space. It was a powerful validation and with the appearance of a strong American Indian figure in another session and further insights into my connection with ancient Aotearoa also surfacing, I feel the Higher Self wanting to bring forward my connection with the ancients into the very present. It’s a time of revelations where past lives and ancient memories are emerging from the depths as we begin to unlock the layers of who we really are. All we can do is embrace the adventure and be ready to be surprised.



image descriptionThe Full Moons this year have been little pressure cookers, intensifying the emotional energies coming off other alignments occurring around the same time. I thought I was moving through this week’s moon unscathed but woke with a tightness in my chest this morning and a need for lots of air. It’s thrown me off kilter and into the chocolates rather than the blueberries but all I can think about is release. Releasing more of the past in order to make space for new openings. I’ve come to accept spiritual change has its own timeline. Sometimes it suits our own desires and sometimes it doesn’t but there is little we can do to alter the course. It’s common for things to open up in a way you least expect and in a timeframe that usually makes no sense. If it’s not stop-start then it’s all or nothing. I keep a diary of my own spiritual happenings, more for interest than anything else but trying to make sense of what happens when is impossible. There’s no pattern to it. It just happens when it happens. The only common factor is they are usually related to 2 topics. My past and my future. And when I say past, I mean way back, into past lives. But the information related to my future is also connected to these past lives. It seems everything I’m guided to do is related to expanding my awareness of my former Self. Past life awakenings will become more common in this new energy as our evolving DNA enables us to consciously access what has previously been hidden and this year is already becoming a year of Truth. The secrets of who we really are starting to come out and it’s not just on a global scale but also in our own personal situations as we are pushed to be more authentic in how we live our daily life. But it goes deeper than our current life. There are so many layers to our spiritual history, so much to learn to really understand the truth of why we are the person we are today. If you really want to know why you are living the life you have in the body you’ve been given, then look to your Heart for the answers. Look to your spiritual guide for we are always balancing out our experience from the past. But for some there is also a need to awaken to our spiritual calling. This constant cycle of release and renew is leading into the next big influx of the March Equinox which is already pushing us where we need to be. It’s been working its way into our world since early January, bringing in guided messages of encouragement to illuminate our path. Doing the work to raise our vibration may be the biggest spiritual change we ever undertake but finding the courage to travel the higher road that’s laid out for us is how we truly discover what spiritual awakening is all about.

embracing our wholeness

reikiThis blog is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learnt from my own Spiritual Awakening over the past 7 years and has given me a monumental boost of clarity and confidence in believing in my own life purpose as a Spiritual Healer. My life has taken me many places but up until 2006 I was a regular married woman with a mortgage and daily commute to an inner city job. One day that all changed and I found myself on a lonely and unfamiliar road that’s been winding up and down many mountains while unravelling the core of my existence ever since. Like the petals of a flower, these layers of myself have been falling away year after year but initially I had no understanding of what was happening and fell into a deep sense of profound grief and loss. In those early years I had no knowledge of spiritual awakening and visited many psychic readers to help find my way through the labyrinth I’d fallen into. They shared many insights but it wasn’t until 2009 when I stumbled upon Karen Bishop’s former website Emerging Earth Angels that the light finally came in. Karen’s website was dedicated to Ascension and it was by spending several days quietly alone reading her writings that I finally made the connection to what was actually happening to me. This was how I came to learn of Ascension and the impact it’s symptoms can have on daily life. Karen’s work has always resonated deeply with me and I was sadly disappointed when she discontinued her Ascension writing soon after I found her so I continued my search for answers through other means and a year later I again stumbled upon another source I immediately connected with, the channel of Kryon. By then I had read many Spiritual books, learnt to practice regular meditation, trained in Reiki and was cautiously aware there was a powerful energy channel within me although I didn’t fully understand what that meant or what I was to do with it. I also knew I was being guided into a new life but the transition was never smooth or obvious as I was still losing layers rather than creating new ones. But in late 2010 I had the incredible experience of a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening which burst open my Chakras and connection to Source Energy in an instant. This experience sparked off several Past Life awakenings including my Lemurian energy which often connects via meditation and crystals. Kundalini Energy is well known for being both intense and unnerving and for me it went dormant soon after it flowered but was reawakened again by my ThetaHealing training 18 months later. It has transformed my sensitivity to Spiritual energy and shown me I’m an empath who can feel the Light and Colour of the Higher Realms via the energy in my own body. So here in 2013, I’ve found myself living with the constant rumblings of the Kundalini reminding me my chakras are wildly open and tuning into the energy of the global awakening while still feeling slightly timid about openly integrating this aspect of myself into my daily life. But in recent days there’s been an almost unbearable urge to bring my Spiritual Healer self out into the open, almost like a ‘coming out’. It’s no longer enough to know our True Self on the inside, we’re being encouraged to embrace our wholeness with all our Heart and share with the world who we are and what we have to offer. When I look back over the past 7 years and see how far I’ve travelled there’s no doubt the journey of Awakening is a life changing one but it is no easy ride. The most important thing I’ve learnt is that we never stop learning. We are part of the creative energy of the Universe and each day brings a deeper understanding of how we merge with it. The hardest thing is letting go of where we thought we were going in order to allow our Hearts to lead us towards a life we may never have known even existed.

Note: Karen Bishop has a new website:

restless days

earth energyAs I sit here alone in these last days before 12.12.12, I look around at how my life has evolved. I’m not sure how I ended up here or why and sometimes it totally baffles me how a little girl from the country could become an independent Light worker who’s Spirit is openly connected to ancient energy. I am in a strange phase at the tail end of many difficult years where my life was turned upside down over and over in the throws of rapid Awakening. With no family or friends close by, I’m mostly in isolation but Ascension also brings its pleasures and during those years I’ve experienced an out-of-body Kundalini Awakening, recognition of several Past Lives and amazing encounters with the vivid and luminous colours of Spirit. In recent days, we’ve been given a resting period but it’s been difficult to disentangle ourselves from the looming Shift. The energy is restless, aggravated by Uranus’s pending forward motion and stirring intensely, as if the reset button is waiting to go on. When it does it will be a major turning point for all as we mark the moment when we and our Planet open the portals to the higher frequencies of inter-dimensionality. Although it is a 36 year event of which we are just reaching the mid-point, new energies will be available to those ascending and ready to receive. We will evolve together but individually we are the masters of our own personal journey. It’s often said in various channellings that those on the other side of the Veil are eternally grateful for our courage to take on Ascension while in a physical body. Planet Earth is known as a difficult classroom and this experience of shifting into the multi-dimensional Universe is a complex one, one that’s taken unfathomable preparation. There’s already been several failed attempts over the centuries but this time it will happen and is happening at a Galactic level with Universal support. For many across the planet, this moment also brings the return of Lemurian energy. Those with Lemurian origins make up less than 1% of the world’s population but are being encouraged to Awaken more than others as we have the pure imprint of Divinity and the memory of Quantum DNA already held deep within our Akashic Record. This was our past and if we are willing and open, also our future. So as I sit here alone in the stillness of these last days before 12.12.12, I light a candle. I acknowledge my challenging past, my sometimes difficult present and the unknown potential of my future. I feel grateful for the gift of Awakening and despite the strain of endless solitude, somewhere inside I’m also grateful for the freedom to soak up the intensity of Spiritual Energy and to share the wisdom and knowledge it brings. I may no longer be who I once was but then it is no longer about biology. Our bodies are physically changing as we absorb the truth of our Spiritual origins and unlock the codes of our own depths. I am restless for change but all is as it should be. The energy will rise and the change will come and what is starting to feel like a deep ending will in time become a very grand beginning. This is why we are here. This is our time to breathe deep into our Heart Chakra and fill our Auric field with an abundance of Cosmic Light, to find the courage to truly meld with our own Divinity and if it feels right, to openly embrace our Lemurian Heart.

mysteries in life

mirrorThe mystery of Paris comes and goes from my life. Although it’s been with me since childhood it’s taken some 40 years to understand it’s connected to a recent Past Life. When I was younger I naturally thought it was to do with this current life and often felt I was living in the wrong place. In my mind, making the shift from my Australian country upbringing to the tree lined boulevards of Paris was an easy one but despite visiting Paris in my 20s and having odd synchronistic meetings with various French people throughout my life, nothing ever came of it until the 10.10.10 when the first real wave of understanding of this mystery was given to me through a meditation. This happened during a difficult phase when I would unconsciously surround myself in all things French. Books, food, movies even decorative plates, glasses and lamps but I now understand these things gave me a sense of comfort that reached back to a Soul memory of a comfortable life lived long before this one. In recent months, this mystery has re-surfaced again after I made an impromptu move to a new town and stumbled upon another piece of the puzzle at an art show. I haven’t known what to do with this new information and let it slip to the back of my mind but on having another random conversation with yet another French person, it makes me wonder if these people pass through my life to encourage me to make the next step in reconciling these different aspects of my Self. Although it can feel a little unsettling to realize we only know a small portion about ourselves, this is part of the journey through this Great Shift as these new energies bring the gift of opportunity to step back and take in the big picture of our completeness and to retrieve our Soul memories from all our lifetimes and reconnect with who we truly are at our multi-dimensional core. So as I sit here with my French plate and wine glass and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, an appropriate film for celebrating our own nostalgic view of the glory of Paris, I’m putting it out there and say shine the Light on the codes of my own personal mystery and open up the Eternal memories of who I am and why I am here.

the peridot stargate

After writing my last post, I meditated on Easter Island asking for more information and understanding on the Island and Lemuria. Almost immediately I was guided to a channelling of Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn published only yesterday in the Galactic Free Press. Not being familiar with past Metatron channellings, it was of great surprise to read how Easter Island is known as the ‘Peridot Stargate’, one of the most powerful vortexial portals on the Planet due to its placement in Cosmic angular alignments. The portal brings in massive amounts of energies to the Planet which are enhanced by large crystalline pockets of Olivine Quartz, or Peridot, within the Island’s volcanic structure. What’s more amazing is that as a multi-dimensional gateway, the energy of Easter Island is so powerful it was the original gateway to the Earth-plane for early humans to enter their life on the ancient land of Mu, the large continent stretching across the Pacific Ocean and home to the Lemurian civilization. What’s visible of Rapa Nui now is the remnants of one of Mu’s mountaintops and although centuries of changing weather patterns have battered the isolated and desolate landscape, it was once a lush land of towering trees, crystal waters, misty rain and vibrant rainbows with the peaceful Lemurian beings living side by side with the animals and elementals in their golden pyramids and marble temples under the vibrant dome of light of the Aurora Borealis. This Utopian phase of Lemuria was the existence on Earth prior to the duality of Humanity and is a deep memory for many of us before the planet evolved into the physical realm of 3D, the time when Lemurians either moved into physical bodies, left the Earth-plane or continued to live in multi-dimensionality in Inner Earth, as is often associated with Mount Shasta. The standing stone statues of Rapa Nui are said to be keys to the original Lemurian energy as they are embedded with Celestial Energy that works with the auric fields of those who hold high levels of Light. But it is in awe that I read Easter Island is being anchored for a major role in the coming Cosmic Shift as the point of reunion for all Lemurians, Pleiadians and Sirians. Rapa Nui is the Sacred Portal for Healing, Balance and Remembrance and is calling out to all for their return in 2013 to receive the Codes of Remembrance and the Crystalline Light of the Peridot. Rapa Nui carries the imprint of Lemuria and the energy of Home. I think I’m speechless.

The full Archangel Metatron channelling via James Tyberonn can be found here

lemuria appears

I recently attended a Sound Healing group meditation and with the beautiful blend of rhythm, rain, bells, chimes and healing bowls, I was transported to another plane where I unexpectedly experienced another connection to Lemuria. I’ve been intuitively sensing the presence of Lemurian energy around me for some time but in recent months I’ve been seeing the impression of the same sculptural image in and around my home. When I stumbled upon an article, I realized I was seeing something similar to Easter Island and that some historians link the origins of Easter Island with Lemuria. And now with the help of the primal sounds of music, voice, chimes and healing bowls, this same sculptural image has appeared at the end of a deep meditation. As I became aware of the image it began to dissolve but the imprint of Lemuria was immediate. In a similar experience to my Kundalini Awakening several years ago, the energy centred on my Heart Chakra and felt as if a deluge of intense Light and Love had completely filled me, flooding me with indescribable feelings of awe and bliss and leaving me with a racing heart and tears. Later that night I was awoken in my sleep by a strange knocking and thoughts of someone wanting to come in. Six weeks ago I sensed my Lemurian Seed crystal calling out to me and 4 weeks ago I could feel the pull of their energy from faraway places. Now it seems the gate of communication has opened and it is no coincidence it’s happening at this time with the recent cleansing from the Sun opposition to the Pleiadian Alignment and the potent energies flowing between Eclipses. What the Lemurians bring is overwhelming Love and their Sacred desire to share Knowledge and Healing. Their Essence is very peaceful and feels strongly connected to water and has left me with the message that being near or in water is how to prepare myself to be open and ready to receive more.

faraway places

I’m feeling the pull of faraway places, waking up each morning with the vision of long distant memories fresh in my mind. I love to travel and spent 2 years in my early twenties visiting many countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I’ve longed to return but life has taken me down many other roads over the past decade and it’s not been possible. But this week I’ve been travelling through my mind, wandering back to places that have stayed with me for many years since. And it may be for more than their natural beauty as the places pulling at me are Santorini, Hawaii and Byron Bay. This is an interesting mix of landscapes and when I look at the underlying energy to understand these longings, I know there’s more to it than the obvious pleasures. These are the strongest areas on the planet for the energy of Atlantis and Lemuria. When I was on Santorini, I spontaneously travelled to Crete and visited the Minoan sites still extant on the island. At the time I remember being pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed being on the island, given I consciously knew nothing of the place beforehand and although I also had little knowledge of Atlantis back then, I believe the first connection to an ancient memory was locked in. Many years later, Atlantis appeared everywhere I looked, one of the obvious signs for me to take note and connect and at the moment I realized it was about a past life in Atlantis I received the dizzy validation from Spirit that I’ve come to know on several other occasions. In recent weeks, the repeated signs have started again and with my expanded awareness I’m now prepared to be open and ready to receive whatever is to come my way. Hawaii and Byron Bay are a little different. I’ve never been to Hawaii but have been drawn to the place ever since the Lemurian connection emerged. But here in Australia we are fortunate to have Byron Bay, a region of extremely beautiful landscape that also holds Lemurian energy. A little closer and easier to reach from where I live although at times difficult to navigate with the increasing crowds. So for now, it’s mind travel for me. Letting photographs and online exploring direct the unravelling of the hidden secrets of these faraway places.